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SCOTUS Says "Save Yourselves"

Fleeting at best and unattainable at worst: the latest Supreme Court rulings prove again that the US is unapologetic about ensuring Black and other minority communities know their perpetual station is always under the thumb of whiteness.

What the Health

Though it may not always feel like it, there are people working on behalf of Black families in the delivery room.

Black folks are more likely to die of cancer than other groups. Here’s how we can decrease our chances of a diagnosis.

Though it may seem unrelated, affirmative action does have an effect on our health and health outcomes.

One doctor is using TikTok to put the medical system on blast for its racist practices. She’s also simultaneously helping Black and brown folks be better advocates for themselves.


Just like we assumed, the Supreme Court delivered some heavy rulings at the end of their term and left us to deal with the aftermath while they went on their summer vacations (...with the billionaires).

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Despite his student loan forgiveness plan being laid to rest by the Supreme Court, Biden is still working on providing some type of relief. He’s implementing a penalty-free ramp up schedule to help borrowers readjust to making payments, lowering monthly payment amounts, and more.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is going to China in an attempt to strengthen the US’ economic ties with its rival. Joe just called their president a dictator last week though, so we’re curious to see how Yellen’s trip will play out.

Nearly 50% of registered voters are said to have a negative view of Kamala Harris. While her record as VP can–and should–be questioned, how many in that 50% do y’all think is giving her an unfavorable rating because she's a Black woman?

Congress, What’s Good?

On the Hill, Republicans celebrated the recent Supreme Court rulings while Democrats unsurprisingly did the opposite. Corey Booker also started his quest to get rid of the slavery clause in the 13th Amendment, AOC criticized Biden’s student loan backup plan for reintroducing interest too soon, and the GOP solidified its list of impeachment targets.

Thanks to the holiday that freed the colonizers from the other colonizers, there will be no committee meetings this week.

Looking to 2024

In a race to see who can be the worst human being, Ron DeSantis says he's more anti-LGBTQ than Trump is.

This Black Republican candidate refuses to lie to kick it at the RNC primary debates.

Social Justice Round Up

A mass shooting in Baltimore over the weekend killed 2 and injured 28. Is a life without the threat of violence at every turn too much to ask for?

Have you noticed that anytime there’s any sort of racial progress (like emancipation, the civil rights movement, Obama’s election, etc.), white America responds fearfully and violently? Yeah…that visceral reaction to ensure white supremacy remains the rule of the land is called “whitelash.”

The Proud Boys must pay a Black church in Washington, DC $1M for destroying a BLM sign.

Around the Diaspora

Haiti is still in dire need of support, says a UN human rights expert. An embargo on guns coming in from the US and a special force is recommended to establish balance and peace for civilians.

Lagos is tryna be the world’s next leader in recycling.

Food security improved slightly throughout the English-speaking Caribbean.

Getting to the Money

Are you a Black content creator that’s tired of seeing other groups profit from our creativity? Isaac Hayes III (yes, the son of the Isaac Hayes) has created Fanbase to help you monetize content you create on his app.

Buying Black

Have you heard of EatOkra? The app launched back in 2017 with the goal of making it easier for us to discover and patronize Black-owned restaurants in our cities. If you’re always looking for new Black-owned restaurants to try at home or when traveling, download the app here.

Culture that Pops

Tyler Perry has stepped up to support a 93-year-old woman whose home is under threat and from developers.

Ms. Christine King Farris, civil rights activist, Spelman professor, author, and big sister to Martin Luther King, Jr., passed at the age of 95.

Venus Williams made her return to Wimbledon today.


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