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Bring Back the Old AI

AI technology is here and the love-hate relationship people have with it is real. Last week, several large tech players committed to making sure it does more harm than good. It's a step in the right direction, but is AI something that can realistically be regulated if it's in the hands of so many?

What the Health

The number of Americans dying daily from “excess deaths” is back to pre-pandemic levels. “Excess deaths” are defined as the difference between the number of expected deaths during a time period and the actual number of deaths during that period.

It’s still Fibroids Awareness Month. Check out 30 Black women’s stories as they recount living with the condition.

The people who’ve been lucky enough to not catch COVID–or who perhaps had it without any symptoms–can likely thank a gene mutation.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Meta and 6 other tech companies signed on to the POTUS’ pledge to implement safety measures around artificial intelligence. Some of the cautionary measures include identifying deepfake audio or images to avoid misinformation and having new AI capabilities independently tested for social harm. Hopefully these companies (and all the others) really live up to it.

The Biden administration announced a national monument honoring Emmett Till and his mother Mamie. The monument will stand at 3 sites: 1 in Chicago and 2 in Mississippi.

Over the last 2.5years of Biden’s presidency, the South and parts of the West have added 800K new manufacturing jobs.

Congress, What’s Good?

Making sure his daddy knows he’s being a good boy, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is considering expunging Trump’s 2 impeachments. Does he think clearing Donnie’s impeachments from official record will act as a neuralyzer pen from “Men in Black” and we’ll all just forget?

Despite McCarthy’s undying love for Trump, which angers and confuses folks in both parties, he does appear to be in his Charlie Sheen “Winning!” era at the moment. He’s had luck with exposing the ideological differences between moderate and progressive Dems and what’s a better time to get your way than when your opps are busy fighting each other?

Over in the Senate, a bill to reduce the costs of prescription drugs is at risk of falling by the wayside. With just a few days left before the August recess, Senators have other priorities like various appropriations bills and defense policy.

Here’s a short list of some of the final committee meetings before the recess:

Looking to 2024

Trump’s classified documents trial will begin in May 2024. The date is seen as somewhat of a compromise between what Trump and the DOJ wanted as it’ll come after many of the major GOP primaries, but before the general election.

The current and looming union strikes are complicating Biden’s quest for reelection.

The Congressional Black Caucus launched a super PAC to mobilize Black voters next year.

Social Justice Round Up

Alabama is openly defying the SCOTUS’ recent ruling by not creating a 2nd majority-Black voting district.

Florida loves to rewrite history to keep white fragility intact. They recently released new standards for teaching Black history, which claim Black folks benefited from being enslaved.

The Carlee Russell saga has folks in the community concerned that future cases of missing Black women will get less attention than they already do.

Around the Diaspora

South Africa wants the world to know they got smoke for Vladmir Putin. The nation has committed to arresting Putin if he steps foot within their borders (he aint) according to an arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court.

Speaking of Putin, the Motherland could bear the brunt of Russia’s decision to block Ukraine from exporting its grain via the Black Sea.

Belize’s Health Authority is on high alert after cases of severe parasite infections have been diagnosed in other parts of Central America.

Getting to the Money

These days, nearly 50% of people say a side hustle is necessary for them to make ends meet. Here are some tips on how to find the one that’s best for you.

Buying Black

Today is National Tequila Day, so you know what that means. If tequila is your thing, here are 6 Black-owned brands to help you mark the occasion.

Culture that Pops

Have y’all seen “They Cloned Tyrone?” It’s a doozy.

Looking for new podcasts to get into? Here are 5 Black shows you might want to check out.

Hip Hop is turning 50! Can you believe it?


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