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Keep Your Eyes Open

...because saying "Stay woke" just ain't the same anymore. Congress went on a paid 4-week vacation, but not before getting nothing done. Plus, that cold you're experiencing could be COVID-19. Also, Biden is still trying to help those of us with student loans. Don't get caught slipping and don't miss out!

What the Health

Since the end of March, 3.8M people across 38 states have been kicked off Medicaid. Most of the expulsions have been due to procedural or paperwork issues and in a place like Florida, many of those kicked off have been children.

Got a summer “cold?” It could actually be COVID-19. Experts are predicting a late summer wave may already be in the streets.

The pro-life movement’s next target is a life-saving HIV treatment.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

A judge rejected Biden’s plan to deny asylum to migrants who failed to apply online first or who failed to seek asylum in a country that they passed through before getting to the US border (e.g. Mexico).

The Department of Education is coming for those legacy admissions at elite colleges, starting with Harvard.

Despite the SCOTUS decision on student debt cancellation, Team Biden has launched a new income-driven repayment program. Learn more about it here and apply here.

Congress, What’s Good?

Last week was an interesting one on the Hill:

It’s giving…a lot of talk and literally no progress. The usual.

Oh yeah, this week marks the start of their annual August recess, so there will be no committee meetings for a few weeks. We really want to welcome a mental break from the congressional chaos, but we also feel like they need to do something.

Looking to 2024

It’s not looking good for Team DeSantis. Florida Man #1 downsized his team again for the 2nd time in July.

It’s also not looking good for Florida Man #2. Donnie has a new set of charges against him. This time, he’s being accused of actively hoarding documents for the purpose of covering up his efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

While we know these predictions ain’t loyal, Democrats are slightly favored to win next year’s presidential election.

Social Justice Round Up

28 schools in Houston will have their libraries replaced with discipline centers. Can somebody help us understand the scenarios in which an underperforming student would need less compassionate/specialized teaching and require more discipline??

A police officer in Ohio has been fired after releasing a K9 on an unarmed Black man during a traffic stop. Wow, some semblance of accountability.

Alabama voters are going after their state’s legislature for its refusal to follow the SCOTUS’ ruling and create a 2nd majority Black voting district.

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day passed on July 27. That means Black women had to work from January 1, 2022 to July 27, 2023 to earn the average white man’s 2022 salary.

Around the Diaspora

A military coup took place in Niger (home of Nigeriens) last week. With the elected president being held hostage in his palace, the head of the presidential guard declared himself as the country’s newest leader.

Over in Nigeria, Nigerian doctors are on strike, causing impacts in hospitals across the country. The medical professionals cite the government’s failure to hire clinical staff immediately and pay salary arrears from as far back as 2015 as some of the reasons for this drastic move.

St. Kitts and Nevis will soon be offering kidney transplants to citizens in need.

Food security in the English-speaking Caribbean is improving, but challenges remain.

Getting to the Money

UC Berkeley is one of the top public universities in the world. That said, if they’re offering free online courses, the chances of you getting something worth your time is high. Up your game (and your pockets) with topics related to entrepreneurship, managing stress in the workplace, and writing for business.

Buying Black

Black Business Month starts on August 1 of every year. Here are 6 Black-owned apps to download and explore.

Culture that Pops

Using his grandmother as inspiration, Lamar Odom opened up 3 senior living facilities in California.

Barbershop Books is a national effort to help Black boys become efficient in reading by putting culturally-relevant books for children in barbershops and training up to 2,000 barbers in early literacy practices. Learn more about them here.


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