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Is It Hot in Here?

Things are heating up: our planet (most notably), Congress' to-do list as they near the August recess and a potential government shutdown, the reparations discussion in California, and lastly, the debate on policing Black women's bodies.

What the Health

July is Fibroids Awareness Month and up to 80% of Black women will have them by the time they reach 50. Here are 7 facts to know about the noncancerous tumors.

Kidney stones, most known for affecting middle-aged men, are becoming more of an issue for teenagers. Doctors say a heavily processed diet and dehydration can play a role.

The fact that trials of a new Alzheimer’s drug involved very few Black people is raising concerns about its effectiveness for our community.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Cocaine was found in the White House. It was discovered in a high-traffic reception area for visitors of WH personnel. The President and his family were not on the premises at the time of discovery.

Biden & Co. is looking for methods to cool down the planet by blocking the sun’s rays. Is that what the ozone layer used to do?

Speaking of cooling down the planet, Team Biden also wants China to rejoin the climate change discussion. China previously said “Fck your climate change efforts” after Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan last year.

According to the POTUS, Ukraine’s entry into NATO is dependent upon them finishing its war against Russia.

Congress, What’s Good?

Chuck Schumer set the Senate’s agenda for this month and it includes coming after the corrupt-ass Supreme Court, exploring governments’ use of AI worldwide, and making progress on prescription drug reform.

Over in the House, MAGA maniac Marjorie Taylor Greene was voted out of the Freedom Caucus for calling bird of a feather Lauren Boebert a “bitch.” Honestly, it was only a matter of time before this crew would start to turn on itself.

In other House news, they’re preparing to grill the FBI director for potential biases against Republicans. He’s also on their list of folks to impeach, so we know their interrogation will be extra intense.

Oh yeah. Both chambers will also need to start thinking about avoiding a government shutdown by September 30. Fun times are always around the corner.

Looking to 2024

Working hard to make his way back to Pennsylvania Ave., Donnie appears to be referring to his 2016 playbook.

According to RFK, Jr., podcasts will determine the direction of next year’s elections. Is this what anyone needs?

On a congressional tip, Democrats and Republicans are both worried about maintaining/achieving majorities. Dems are more hopeful about their chances of recapturing the House, but fear they may lose the Senate. Meanwhile, the GOP wonders if the abortion ruling will come back to haunt them.

Social Justice Round Up

Cali’s task force released its final reparations report a couple weeks ago. As many hoped, the report did recommend monetary payments for things like housing discrimination, over-policing, and the unjust use of eminent domain. (Check out their alleged calculation formula here). Up next, the State Assembly will review and vote on the proposal’s passage before sending it to Governor Gavin Newsom. This process is expected to start in September.

Speaking of reparations, a lawsuit seeking monetary compensation for the 3 remaining Tulsa massacre survivors was dismissed.

Should those of us who were shocked by the affirmative action decision have been surprised at all? (Our opinion is no.) Should we also be surprised that conservatives are not done? Next up on their kill list is minority scholarships. We wonder how the Asian folks that complained about affirmative action will feel about their scholarships being taken away…

Around the Diaspora

According to the UN, Sudan is on the brink of a full-blown civil war. Also facing civilians is the urgent need for humanitarian aid and an increase in gender-based violence.

Leaders across the Caribbean have agreed to free movement “for all,” as well as access to healthcare and education across the region by 2024. Haitians are notably excluded from this agreement due to the instability their country is facing.

Coming from a country that’s relatively new to the sport, Jamaica’s lacrosse team understood the assignment at the men’s world championship games recently.

The trailer for a new film about Bob Marley has been released. Catch it in a theater near you sometime in 2024.

Getting to the Money

There’s a $100M fund out there that we need Black founders to be aware of. The Cities Catalyst Fund III was created to disrupt underinvestment in our communities and to put business owners in touch with firms wanting to offer financial support. Learn more here.

Buying Black

Amazon’s Prime Day begins tomorrow. Here are 9 Black-owned products that will be available for under $30. You can find everything from hair products for protective styles, a wallet that (hopefully) makes those traffic stops safer, and culturally relevant games to play at your next kickback.

Culture that Pops

Amid news of reading limits Twitter, a Black-owned platform named Spill emerged as the #1 app on the App Store. Using the app is currently by invite or waitlist, but check out more about Spill here.

Jamie Foxx was spotted on a boat in Chicago over the weekend. Shout out to whoever recorded that video. They really calmed a collective fear that one of our cultural treasures was still down and out.

Here’s a reminder, folks: Stop policing Black women’s bodies. It’s not going to end well for you.


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