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Stay Thirsty, Friends

With his latest law outlawing mandated water breaks, Texas' governor is showing that he knows no bounds as a villain.

What the Health

New research seems to confirm that a green tea compound might have beneficial effects for those seeking to treat or prevent fibroids.

The first over-the-counter abortion pill has been approved by the FDA. For women living in underserved areas or in states that have outlawed abortion, this decision could drastically expand access to contraception.

It’s Minority Mental Health Month. This breathwork coach wants us to know that “breathing with intention” can help us reduce stress, find healing, and even commune with the ancestors.

Gird your loins because there’s a syphilis outbreak in Houston. While there was a 57% increase in new infections overall from 2019-2022, women in the city saw a 128% increase.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Biden & Co. announced they’re automatically canceling $39B in student debt for up to 804K borrowers. Check out who’s impacted here.

How are Black folks doing in Biden’s economy? The answer to that question isn’t very clear.

VP Harris recently made history for matching a nearly 200-year-old record of the most tie breaking votes cast by a vice president. She will likely surpass this record considering there’s another year and a half before her current term ends.

Congress, What’s Good?

Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) is holding up the nominations of more than 250 military officials because he disagrees with the Pentagon’s abortion policy and he wants Democrats (who are overwhelmingly in favor of abortion) to draft new legislation for a vote on the policy. Even his own Senate colleagues are sick of his shit. But at least House Republicans are with Tommy. They just passed a defense bill that limits abortion access (and diversity initiatives) for military members. The only issue is, that bill isn’t expected to get very far in the Senate with

And just a reminder: we have 75 days until the government shutdown deadline. Your elected officials will be on vacation for all 31 days of August.

In committee meetings this week:

Looking to 2024

It’s looking real questionable for Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema. She’s been out-fundraised by her Democratic challenger for the 2nd quarter in a row. Good for us.

Is trouble brewing in Ron DeSantis’ campaign already? He fired 10 staffers last week amid reports of his fundraising not hitting like it’s supposed to.

Actor and author Hill Harper is running for one of Michigan’s Senate seats in 2024. (Random, we know). Apparently, he’s 1 of 6 Black folks looking to add some color into the upper chamber in 2024.

Social Justice Round Up

Still finding new ways to be evil, Texas’ governor signed a law that banned local water break mandates for workers who labor outdoors. The law, which would leave water breaks up to business owners, goes into effect on September 1.

Foster youth in California will soon receive free tuition to attend any of the state’s community colleges or universities.

5 HBCU presidents visited Israel to foster relationships with Israeli higher education institutions. Despite the atrocities inflicted upon our community and theirs, should we be building alliances with a nation actively displacing and oppressing Palestinians via what many consider a colonialist-apartheid government?

Around the Diaspora

Considering a trip to the Motherland, but unsure of where to go? Check out this list of must-see beaches across the continent of Africa.

Cameroon’s government aims to block a visit from a French ambassador seeking worldwide rights for LGBTQ+ people. There are many valid reasons to block France from visiting, but supporting the rights of Cameroonians who are also part of the queer community ain’t one of them.

Haitian migrants wound up on one of Jamaica’s beaches recently. While their fate in Jamaica seems unclear, they were given housing and medical attention.

Getting to the Money

Are you working in tech or trying to break in? Here’s a list of upcoming conferences for Black folks in the industry. If you can make it, events like these are invaluable for building connections, expanding perspectives, and discovering new career opportunities.

Buying Black

August is Black Business Month. Get a headstart on buying Black by checking out some Etsy shops from Black creative entrepreneurs. Still didn’t find anything you liked? Check these out too.

Culture that Pops

City Girl JT is helping formerly incarcerated women reintegrate into society. Employment and housing assistance, therapy, and substance abuse treatment are among the services she’s offering.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority launched a first-of-its-kind credit union. The Black woman-owned institution, will provide loans, savings accounts and more to AKA members, their family members, and sorority staff.


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