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Peeking Ahead to 2024

Between Donnie being back on his "shithole countries" vibe and Biden being Biden, it's feeling like all paths leading into 2024 are chaotic and not in the best interest of the country, the climate, and the globe. Who can come and relieve us of having to deal with both of them in 2024 and beyond?

Alas, here we go.What the Health

Did you know? A recent study says racism creates subtle changes in our brains and ultimately contributes to our increased risk for diseases like Alzheimer’s. BTW, we are twice as likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s than white people.

In addition to the above, yet another study has confirmed that racial bias also has a negative impact on our mental health. Actually providing solutions to the issue, the research suggests more Black representation in mental health and social science fields. It also says the cultural practice of offering communal support is valuable and should not be dismissed.

For those out there who are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or have been pregnant, there appears to finally be a culprit to “morning” sickness. It’s a hormone called GDF15. Methods suggested to combat morning sickness include lowering levels of the hormone or preparing patients by exposing them to higher levels of the hormone before pregnancy.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

The US continues to be punked by its sugar baby in the Middle East: After US officials requested fighting in Gaza to wrap up by year's end, Israel refused. So what did the US do next? They repeated Israel’s talking point that the fighting must go on for months more. BTW, Israel just attacked a hospital’s maternity ward and took the lives of 3 of their own citizens who were released hostages. Have they not caused enough damage?

In other Biden administration news, inflation penalties will be placed against drug companies who increased their prices too much and too quickly.

Lastly, yall’s president is praising the UN’s flawed commitment to stray away from fossil fuels while having his very own plans to move forward with offshore drilling projects. Make it make sense, Joe.

Congress, What’s Good

House Republicans just gave themselves the gift of formally authorizing their impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. This is, of course, a big deal for them, but the question of a smoking gun remains.

Over in Hunter’s world, the POTUS’ son attempted to take a stand on what he feels is an “illegitimate investigation” into his financial dealings by ignoring a subpoena to testify before the House in private. Now, they want to initiate contempt proceedings against him, which has the (unlikely) possibility of the Justice Department pursuing him for yet another thing. Did he do the right thing for himself or is he just making this the best Christmas ever for Republicans?

In true congressional fashion though, their focus seems to be on the wrong things as they left some pretty important issues on the table

With the elected officials off for the holidays until January 8, the top of 2024 will be hella fun. We can’t wait to see them scramble to sort out our basic necessities for the millionth time. 

Oh yeah. Committee meetings are all wrapped up until January as well.

Looking to 2024

Trump says immigrants from Africa and Asia are poisoning the blood of the country. Is there any more evidence we need to prove that a second term from him really will be HORRENDOUS?

A jury ruled that Rudy Giuliani owed $148M to 2 Black women he falsely accused of rigging Georgia’s election results. Hopefully, this’ll stop him and the rest of Donnie’s minions from spewing lies and trying to intimidate election workers next year.

Also folks, 2024 is going to be a wild one. Are y’all mentally prepared to do the necessary: make sure you're registered to vote, hit the polls for the primaries, and vote on Election Day as well? Get a heads up of the important dates for your home state here.

Social Justice Round Up

That spike in crime (you know…the one everyone refused to believe was tied to the economic and social impacts of the pandemic) is dropping quite drastically. We really hope y’all don’t believe the hype that’s claiming otherwise.

Following in Texas’ footsteps, there will be no more DEI at public colleges in the state of Oklahoma.

Around the Diaspora

75% of people living with sickle cell disease live in sub-Saharan Africa, but there’s currently no plan to get the new gene therapy treatment to patients there. High cost and insufficient medical infrastructure are said to be the biggest barriers.

Guyana and Venezuela appear to have agreed on one thing amid their border dispute: not using military force to settle the issue.

Trinidad carnival lovers, we hate to deliver bad news, but Machel Montano will be sitting out his second consecutive season. The King of Soca is taking the time to complete his master’s degree in Carnival Studies.

Getting to the Money

For those of you who live on LinkedIn while searching for your next gig, check out this post of open roles across the marketing, creative, and branding job functions

Culture that Pops

If you’re a known Christmas procrastinator, use this Black-owned holiday gift guide to see you to the finish line.

It’s just as important for children to see Black Santas as it is for them to know there are Black doctors and superheros. Here’s why.

For many of us trying to create family trees on platforms like, there’s only so far we can get before hitting roadblocks in the system. This PBS documentary is showing one family’s method of getting around that roadblock with the hopes that other Black families will find their approach useful.

Which J’s are the best of all time? The Root put together a list of Michael Jordan’s best shoe releases. Did they get it right?


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