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That's a Wrap

2022 is wrapping up as expected (COVID is still making its rounds, the US is still restricting migrants at the southern border & Congress still passing them baby ass government shutdown measures), but there are a few points that shine a little brighter (e.g. DC's free public buses & accountability for Atatiana Jefferson's death).

What the Health

The latest COVID numbers: 99M total cases & 1M total deaths (+458K & +3K from last week) in the US.

The headlines:

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

The Respect for Marriage Act is now law, giving protections to interracial and same-sex marriages.

Reminding folks that the US has no problem with moving onto stolen land, Joe Biden is pushing forward with building an Israel embassy on Palestinian land.

The Biden Administration is restricting the number of migrants that would qualify for asylum at the border. They are considering options that would allow Haitians and other groups to apply for asylum from their home countries, but most people seeking refuge would still be denied.

The US is working hard to counter China’s influence in the Motherland. Will it work?

Congress, What’s Good?

Congress passed a one-week bill to avoid a government shutdown through December 23. From there, they’ll need to work out a deal that funds the government through next year. Despite calls for Republicans to pass another short term spending bill (they want to influence how funding is allocated once they take control of the House), Democrats seem confident that something will be worked out before the holidays.

Also, House Dems are working hard to make sure Donnie never makes it back into office via the 14th Amendment. In case you can’t remember your 5th grade civics lesson (we couldn’t either), the 14th states that anyone engaged in an “insurrection or rebellion” cannot hold office.

BTW, it’s a light week for committee meetings as Congress members leave the capitol for the holidays.

Social Justice Round Up

Starting in July, Washington, DC will make public buses permanently free. Other large cities are considering similar moves.

The cop that murdered Atatiana Jefferson has been found guilty of manslaughter. He’s facing up to 20 years in prison.

Newsflash (not really): After all of the performative gestures in 2020, tech companies are pulling the plug on diversity initiatives and laying off Black & brown employees disproportionately.

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend won a $2M settlement in his lawsuits against the City of Louisville.

Around the Diaspora

Barbados repealed its colonial-era law that outlawed same-sex relations. It’s the third Caribbean country to do so this year after Antigua & Barbuda and St. Kitts & Nevis.

After being in a civil conflict since 2017, weeks of peace are leading displaced Cameroonians back to their homes.

France is preparing to return a drum that it stole from Ivory Coast more than 100 years ago. If only they could also return the colonial taxes their former colonies have been paying for generations.

Getting to the Money

Believe it or not, some startups are still hiring. Check out this Google Sheet of 700+ startups and even more on

Buying Black

Here are 45 gift ideas under $50 from Black-owned businesses.

Culture that Pops

The “1619 Project” will be adapted into a docuseries on Hulu.

Brittney Griner says don't count her out. She’s on her way back to the WNBA.

Chris Paul graduated from Winston-Salem State University 17 years after leaving to play professional basketball. He also gifted his classmates $2,500 as a graduation gift.

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