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Money Buys Wickedness.

"Free Palestine" is still our energy despite the US government's continued support of the devastation in Gaza.

What the Health

Tell a retiree: Medicare costs will rise a little in 2024.

PrEP is a popular medication that’s used to treat HIV, but it’s still difficult for us (Black people) to come by. It’s time to change that.

COVID cases have already begun to rise post-Thanksgiving.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Israel is now ignoring US “warnings” about civilian casualties as they bomb southern Gaza. If you recall, that was where they previously told Palestinians to flee for safety.

Overlooking the devastation he’s fueling on the other side of the globe, yall’s president honored Dionne Warwick, Queen Latifah, and others at this year’s Kennedy Center Honors over the weekend.

The VP went to COP28 in Dubai to discuss taking action on climate change. Meanwhile, representatives from other countries were side-eyeing her for the US’ lagging commitment to more environmentally friendly policies.

Congress, What’s Good?

Well, that was quick. Shiesty George Santos has officially been expelled from ever serving in Congress again after a bipartisan vote in the House. The freshman Representative, who didn’t even get to serve a full year, is expected to be replaced in a February special election. (Btw, if you’re looking for a film about his life, please believe one is on the way.)

Over in the Senate, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer delivered a speech warning his colleagues about the rise of antisemitism here in the US. There was one quick mention of Islamophobia, but no mention of a two-nation solution for Palestinians to live autonomously. In a rare show of support, GOP leader Mitch McConnell stated he stares the same sentiment as his frequent rival.

Committee meeting topics week:

Looking to 2024

Trump is under gag orders for cases in New York and DC. Check out what speech each one restricts and why here.

Democrats are unsure about how to talk about the economy going into 2024. If it’s one thing they do know, however, it’s that the notion of “Bidenomics” ain’t hitting like it used to.

Despite losing support among people of color over the years, Black folks still support Biden the most. We wonder if this is because we know the dangers of another Trump term.

Social Justice Round Up

Black neighborhoods across the country face a disproportionate risk of flood damage caused by natural disasters.

The legal system in this country does not treat everyone fairly when it comes to justice. Here’s what 6 Black attorneys general had to say about achieving racial equity for our community today.

Black children are overrepresented in the foster care system. We should be stepping up to the plate more to give them loving forever homes.

Around the Diaspora

At the peak of the pandemic, Africa sat back and watched as the rest of the world excluded them from critical vaccine distribution. Today, the plan to produce and distribute vaccines in Africa is looking like more of a reality. Amen to cutting out the colonizers and exploiters.

Could Ghana’s first annual Accra Reparations Conference have been what we needed to finally bring reparations to those of us who were displaced through the transatlantic slave trade?

Barbados awarded Guyana’s president, Mohamed Irfaan Ali, with its Order of Freedom of Barbados award for his commitment to partnership and progress in the Caribbean region.

Getting to the Money

Recessions are always lurking and if you let some economists tell you, we are in one right now. This financial planner recommends 4 ways that we can make sure our wallets are recession-proof.

Culture that Pops

A 17-year-old doctor?? Yes, please. Meet the young lady who completed her doctorate program for behavioral health before she was even legally able to vote.

Rapper Tierra Whack gets real about those industry conspiracies that just won’t go away and about how she’s navigated the business in her new film, Cypher. Catch it on Hulu


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