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Mind Your Business 101

Between Palestine/Israel and Guyana/Venezuela, the US has been failing this course for a very long time. Also, we can't help but notice the symbolism of having Black people be the public face of the US' rejection of a ceasefire in Gaza, but alas, here they are. Is this Biden's version of Blacks for Trump??

What the Health

Two gene therapies for treating sickle cell disease have been approved by the FDA. The approval brings optimism and reluctance for those in our community who’ve been diagnosed with the disease.

The Biden administration is delaying its ban of menthol cigarettes over claims that the restriction would unfairly target Black people.

New research confirms what many of us been knew. One's commute to work can have negative impacts on their mental health.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

The United States is out here still showing its ass. Last week, the US was the only member of the UN Security Council to vote “No” on a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Needless to say, there was a collective “WTF” heard ‘round the world, except for in Israel, of course.

…this comes after Secretary of State Blinken issued the country’s harshest form of criticism towards the Israeli military for the “gap” between how they said they’d protect Palestinian civilians and how many people they’d actually spared from the destruction.

Hunter really did need more time outs as a kid. The POTUS’ son has been hit with 9 more criminal charges, this time for tax evasion.  

Congress, What’s Good?

Over in Congress, yall’s elected officials are also doing the work to protect Israel. House Resolution 894, passed last week with a 311-14 vote, states that anti-Zionism (criticizing Israel’s occupation and expansion over historic Palestine) is the equivalent of anti-Semitism (hostility or prejudice towards Jewish people). 95 Democrats voted in favor of this measure and another 92 Dems voted present. Of the 14 people who voted no, 13 were Democrats. Palestinian American Rep. Rashida Tlaib and the rest of the Squad were among the no votes. We wonder what this resolution suggests about the Jewish people that are also against Zionism??

House Rep. Kevin McCarthy announced that he will leave Congress and go cry in the car. A couple months after being ousted as House Speaker, Kevin will resign at the end of this year, neither finishing the 2nd year in his term nor seeking reelection. Bye Kevin!

In the Senate, the GOP Senator who refused to allow hundreds of military appointments to proceed due to the Pentagon’s abortion policy has finally given up after 7 months and threats from his own party. 

Topics to be explored in committee meetings this week:

Looking to 2024

A co-founder of LinkedIn, normally a top Democratic donor, gave $250K to Nikki Haley’s campaign with the hope that she’ll be able to stop Donnie in the primaries.

A fourth GOP debate was held and Trump’s absent ass still emerged as the winner.

A 3rd party candidate may not emerge as a top contender in 2024, but they might ruffle enough feathers to impact the support of a Dem or GOP candidate. Here’s who those candidates are.

Social Justice Round Up

Remember the teenager in Texas that was suspended from school due to his locs being against school policy? Well, nothing’s changed. He returned to school last week only to be suspended again for the same issue. Will Texas’ CROWN Act please stand up? 

Atlanta is thinking of outlawing ski masks, face coverings, and hoodies. Can laws like this actually prevent more crime or is it just another way to police the city’s largely Black population?

A Florida lawmaker is proposing a ban on reparations just in case any of us were naive enough to think they’d ever be interested in restorative justice.

Around the Diaspora

Look what Russia done started. Venezuela is threatening to annex ⅔ of Guyana’s oil-rich territory. Their claim to the land is based on a belief that the current boundaries–outlined in 1899 by the US, Britain, and Russia–were unfairly drawn to Venezuela’s disadvantage. Leaders of the neighboring nations are expected to meet soon, but an agreement won’t come easily.

Burkina Faso has removed French as its official tongue in favor of its own national languages. The move is yet another example of West African nations trading in their relationship with former colonial or imperial powers, oftentimes for what seems to be more favorable arrangements with Russia or China.

Human rights violations are still being committed in Ethiopia.

Getting to the Money

Are you a natural at networking or does it make your skin crawl? In today’s competitive job market, networking can be an essential tool to avoid the black hole that is the typical job application portal and get actual eyes on your resume. If networking is awkward for you, here are 4 essential tips to keep in mind.

Culture that Pops

Are celebrities, especially those like Beyonce who’ve built her brand on liberation & fighting oppression, expected to speak up for Palestine?

Instill HBCU pride in your little ones this holiday season with this Black-owned line of teddy bears and dolls that are dressed in school gear.


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