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Where Yo Code At?

Like Nipsey, we also want to know where the SCOTUS pulled this "Code of Conduct" from because all it's telling us is that they're going to keep doing them. Lucrative business deals with billionaires and all.

What the Health

Where are all the night owls at? Getting more sleep may reduce your risk of being diagnosed with chronic illnesses, including diabetes.

In this day & age, it’s super easy to get overstimulated by social media. Don’t forget to take a break from time to time, though. Your mental health will thank you.

You may have been finding it difficult to find a primary care physician. That’s because more medical students are going into specialized fields that pay more.


“Here’s the lil’ code of ethics y’all been complaining about. Damn.” What does it say? It basically says all the questionable and/or unethical things justices have been doing is okay. LMAO. Wanna read the 15-page document for yourself? Check it out here.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

US citizens with Palestinian relatives, Palestinian humanitarian organizations, and Gazan residents sue Biden & other administration officials for not doing enough to prevent widespread killings and displacement in Gaza.

One thing they have done (allegedly) is work between Israel & Hamas on a potential deal that would see fighting stop for 5 days and the hostages freed.

Last week, Biden met with President Xi Jinping of China to discuss resuming military communications and limiting the amount of fentanyl that makes it onto US shores. They also discussed thornier issues like Taiwan and despite the meeting being an optimistic turn of events, Biden claims his rival is still a dictator.

Congress, What’s Good?

That government shutdown we’ve been counting down to for the last few weeks? Fuhgetaboutit. Senate Dems went along with the new House Speaker’s plans, so the government is temporarily funded until February 2, 2024. Negotiations, including whether to include funding for Ukraine and Israel, will start again prolly in late January (because Congress is intentionally horrible with time management).

A report outlining the antics of House Rep. George Santos says what we already knew. He’s a scamming scammer who scams. How trifling is he? He apparently used campaign funds for goods from Hermès, Sephora, and OnlyFans. LOL. Next up for Georgie is possible expulsion.

There’s only 1 committee meeting before the Electeds go off to eat their dry turkey:

Looking to 2024

The AIPAC, a pro-Israel lobby, is preparing to spend $100M in 2024 to boot The Squad out of Congress due to their calls for a ceasefire in Gaza. No one lobby should have all that power.

The 14th amendment is supposed to bar anyone from holding office if they “engaged in insurrection or rebellion.” Colorado tried to use that to keep Donald Trump off the ballot, but a judge’s ruling told them to try it with another insurrectionist, not this one.

The fifth circuit court (normally the ones doing Trump‘s bidding) told Louisiana to go back to the drawing board on their latest congressional map to draw a 2nd majority-Black district. Let’s all hope they watched the games Alabama played and choose to go the more straightforward route because ain’t nobody got time for that.

If he were to regain office in 2024, Donnie vows to be the Authoritarian in Chief.

Social Justice Round Up

NY’s governor signed the “Clean Slate” law to help more than 2.3M formerly incarcerated people find jobs and education opportunities after release. The law will seal all misdemeanor and felony records after 3 years and 8 years have passed respectively.

Cop City protesters in Atlanta are still facing RICO charges and violent suppression tactics from the police.

A mistrial was declared for the officer who shot Breonna Taylor.

Around the Diaspora

Shout out to Belize for doing what needed to be done. They have cut diplomatic ties with Israel, citing the bombings in Gaza as their reasoning. May other countries follow suit.

Reminder: Those clean energy, “good for the environment” batteries found in electric cars, cell phones, etc. are horrendous for our brothers and sisters in the Motherland.

Diabetes is a serious issue across the Diaspora as well. France’s overseas territories are a clear indicator of that. In Guadeloupe, Martinique, and French Guiana, the diagnosis rate is up to 1.5 points higher than the global average.

Getting to the Money

Hey aspiring TV writers, this one’s for you. Starz is partnering with New Filmmakers LA and the National Association of Latino producers to assist new talent from underrepresented backgrounds hone their skills with guidance from industry execs, mentors and more established writers. The application period ends on December 4, which is just a few days away. Apply here.

Culture that Pops

André 3000 just released a new album with no bars, just flutes. Did you get a chance to check it out?

Getting your holiday shopping done early this year? Check out these gift ideas from 14 Black-owned beauty brands.

Sha’Carri Richardson and Noah Lyles have been named Team USA’s track and field Athletes of the Year. They are also both up for consideration as the World Athletics’ male and female Athletes of the Year.


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