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All We Want for Christmas...

Things we need money for: the student loans we hoped would be forgiven in Biden's new plan and literally everything else that's still high AF.

What the Health

A recent study reveals a link between type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer for the Black community and for those with low socioeconomic status.

When it comes to medical coverage, 10 states, including New York and Michigan, have an uninsured rate of less than 5%. Where does your state rank?

Cooler weather and the holidays could also bring illnesses like the flu or the ‘Rona. Who’s prepared for that?

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Yall’s POTUS wants to give Israel more access to US weapons.

Details of the new student loan forgiveness plan are slowly emerging. Most of us who were eligible the first time around may not be eligible the next time. You’ve been warned.

Biden & Co. want props for lower travel and food costs this Thanksgiving. The rent and literally everything else is still too damn high, but…thanks??

Congress, What’s Good?

Many members of Congress have announced that politics has become too dysfunctional for their taste and that they won’t be seeking re-election in 2024. We would say good riddance, but ain’t no telling who’d be replacing them. Let us bow our heads…

George Santos is all but sure that he will not get to complete his first and only term in the House of Representatives. Expulsion is coming for him any day now.

On this week’s committee meeting agenda:

Looking to 2024

A recent court ruling served another blow to the Voting Rights Act. Moving forward, only the federal government can challenge a state’s voting policies, leaving individuals or organizations helpless. In the case of a government that’s Republican-led, red states would have free reign to strip voting rights or make getting to the ballot box more difficult and the people would be unable to take legal action against their own disenfranchisement.

The AIPAC offered actor and author Hill Harper $20M to drop his bid for the Senate and run a House campaign against Palestinian Rep. Rashida Tlaib. Hill “stood on business” (as the kids say) and refused the offer.

Ron DeSantis on the likelihood of him becoming Trump’s running mate: “Ain’t no way, boy.”

Social Justice Round Up

Atlanta PD released body cam footage of an August 10 incident in which 62-year-old Johnny Hollman was murdered by police after refusing to sign a ticket he didn’t think he deserved.

Newsflash: Neither criminal justice nor prison reform are responsible for the uptick in crime that arrived at the start of the pandemic.

Ohio voters passed an amendment to their state constitution that will allow them to make their own reproductive decisions, effectively protecting the right to abortion. Though the amendment should take effect on December 7, right-leaning lawmakers and courts are exploring ways to water it down via older state laws that restrict abortion.

Around the Diaspora

Jamaica’s government says unemployment insurance soon come.

Somalian speakers of a language called Maay (one of the country’s official languages) are asking for critical healthcare information to be communicated in their own tongue.

In an effort to extend its campaign of welcoming Black people from across the diaspora, Ghana will offer 46-day visas on arrival to anyone visiting between December 1 and January 15. (Note: if any of you will be in the Motherland between now and the new year, make no mistake about it. We are hating on you.)

Getting to the Money

When money is funny, the holiday season can bring added stress. Here are 4 side hustles that can put some extra change in your pockets.

Culture that Pops

This 6-year-old is being honored by her community for helping first responders locate her and her mother who suffered a stroke while driving.

Shop Black-owned businesses via Google’s latest Black-owned Friday campaign. (Note: for Black business owners, make sure you enable the Black-owned business attribute for your business with Google and register with the ByBlack platform. Both will garner more visibility.)

Everybody knows that the day after Thanksgiving is the unofficial start of Christmas. Here are 25 of the best Black Christmas albums to make your spirits bright.


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