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The US to Israel: We Got You

The House approved a $14B military aid package for Israel, just like Biden wanted. While the bill will likely be challenged in the Senate, it won't be out of concern for the wellbeing of Palestinians.

What the Health

Roughly 20% of pediatric patients are considered obese. Doctors are now pursuing more proactive and holistic treatment plans.

“Super Gonorrhea,” a strain of the disease that’s known to be resistant to most antibiotics, may have finally found its match.

On the heels of California’s recent announcement, the FDA is also considering banning the use of brominated vegetable oil (BVO) in food products. BVO, used commonly in sodas and sports drinks, is believed to have an impact on the thyroid, liver, and heart.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

When it comes to Israel bombing Palestine, the Biden administration is all over the place. Within the span of last week, the US tried to reason with the beast they enabled by asking Israel to consider humanitarian pauses. When Israel refused, Secretary of State Antony Blinken backtracked in agreement and yet still promised to get aid into Gaza. How Sway?

New evidence suggests Joe might have been too committed to sticking beside Hunter.

VP Harris wants you to know that the threat of artificial intelligence is already here. There’s no need to wait for a ‘thing’ to happen.

Congress, What’s Good?

Mike Johnson (R-LA) is an unknown Representative in the House. He is also a strong opponent of abortion and gay rights, a January 6 supporter, and the new House speaker.

A new government shutdown is coming by November 17 Congress continues with the BS. Rather than passing one measure that would approve a new budget or temporarily extend the current one a little more, Speaker Johnson is considering passing multiple continuing resolutions, giving funding extensions to budget lines individually. This could lead to rolling shutdowns for different parts of the government as the extensions expire. Democrats aren’t thrilled with the approach, so anything is possible over the next 10 or so days.

Lastly, the House approved a $14.B aid package to Israel, but it’ll likely face a hurdle in the Senate. Not because we shouldn’t be funding a genocide, but because money to Ukraine wasn’t also included in that package.

Coming up in this week’s committee meetings:

Looking to 2024

Millennial GOP candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is losing the little bit of ground he had.

Donnie’s ass has so many trials going on, we’re losing track. The one that’s popping off now involves the State of Colorado as they attempt to use his involvement in January 6 and the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause to keep him off the ballot.

Despite the continued legal drama, Trump is leading Biden in 5 out of 6 battleground states recently polled. There are also higher levels of Black folks supporting Trump in these states than in other states. Seriously, what are y’all thinking?

The Squad is facing tough primary challenges due to their support for Palestine.

Oh yeah, Mike Pence dropped out of the race. Good for us.

Social Justice Round Up

One of the former Memphis police officers involved with Tyre Nichols’ death has pled guilty to federal charges. If convicted, prosecutors are seeking a sentence of up to 15 years.

California recently passed legislation that will activate its Ebony Alert system in 2024. The goal of the system is to amplify cases of missing Black women and children. Why aren’t more states implementing the same system or something like it?

Unsurprisingly, Uncle (Clarence) Tom is vouching for a young, white law clerk who was exposed for saying she hates Black people.

Around the Diaspora

Over 7M Congolese people are facing displacement due to attacks from Rwanda’s rebel militia. The fighting between the 2 nations stems from the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide in the early 90s. At the same time the mining industry in the DRC, which powers much of today’s technology, is also to blame for human rights violations against Congolese citizens.

In Sudan, the failed transition—and subsequent fighting—between the government and a paramilitary group has now displaced over 4.5M people.

As the concern for Palestine grows, let’s also remember that Afro-Palestinians exist. Concentrated for the most part in Jerusalem, there are a small number known to reside in Gaza and, therefore, subject to the constant bombardments Israel is launching in the area.

Getting to the Money

Got marriage on the menu, but want to do it on a budget? Consider some tips from this Dallas-based wedding planner who specializes in micro weddings.

Culture that Pops

This mom and dentist ran yesterday’s NYC marathon to raise awareness for the Black maternal health crisis.

Kendrick Lamar and Global Citizen are teaming up to bring a more robust touring circuit to the Motherland.

Belly, the iconic film that helped solidify hip hop culture on a global stage, just turned 25.


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