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Same Difference, Y'all

This election cycle feels particularly unfair. How are we expected to, in good conscience, pick between Biden and his undying love for Israel and Donnie and his bromance with Putin? Or between the feigned concern from Democrats vs. straight up contempt from the GOP. It's all cruel and not unusual punishment that's all too familiar in America.

What the Health

Check out this list of Black mental health resources for Black History Month. Whoever put this list together really loves us. 

Are any of us surprised by this?: News about the murders of unarmed Black folks at the hands of police have an impact on sleep health in our community.

Black queer men are 6 times more likely to die from HIV-related complications, despite improvements that have increased the life expectancy for those diagnosed with the virus overall. The root of the issue could be access to quality healthcare.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

What do you call someone who knows they homie ain't shit, but they hold it down for them anyway? “Mr. President.” Apparently Joe Biden is growing more frustrated with Netanyahu’s attack on Gaza, but he hasn’t done anything to force change or stop them from bombing “safe zone” Rafah

The most Joe seems to be doing right now is touting a deal that is not finalized and that he hopes will last as long as 6 weeks. Meanwhile, the King of Jordan called for a “lasting ceasefire” in a press conference with Biden standing at his side.

Arab American leaders canceled a meeting with Kamala Harris amid ongoing concerns with the Biden Administration’s handling of Israel.

The GOP’s refusal to push forward the immigration bill that they asked for has become yet another problem on Biden’s plate.

Congress, What’s Good

GOP Senators helped Dems pass a $95B bill for funding to Ukraine, Taiwan and Israel. The legislation, however, faces a hurdle in the House who will more than likely oppose the bill due to Trump’s opposition to Ukraine (inspired by his obvious love for Russia).

In other news, the Child Tax Credit might be on its way back. Check out details for how the credit could benefit low-income families in states like California, Florida, New York and Texas here

In this week’s committee meetings:

Looking to 2024

States with upcoming primaries: South Carolina (GOP only on 2/24) and Michigan (2/27).

In an attempt to prove that age ain’t nothing but a number, Biden joined TikTok

…But is he really the only option for Democratic and progressive voters? Age aside, it just seems extremely dystopian that the only options are either him or Donnie.

Speaking of Trump, he’s still courting Putin and Russia. In recent remarks, he threatened to let Russia attack NATO allies that don’t spend enough of their GDP on defense.

Social Justice Round Up

Police in Aurora, CO (the same department that had a hand in killing Elijah McClain) are ordered to pay $2M to a Black family they falsely accused of being carjackers.

Shop at a large grocery chain? Something in your fridge or pantry was probably produced by prison labor.

2 lawsuits against the manufacturer of the gun used in the 2022 Buffalo grocery store shooting are allowed to proceed after the manufacturer attempted to have them dismissed.

Around the Diaspora

There’s new fighting in Darfur, Sudan, causing civilians to flee from violence once again.

Jamaica’s ambassador to the United States wants the US to rescind its recent travel advisory, which currently categorizes JA as a Level 3 country that American tourists should stay away from. She cites Jamaica’s lack of civil unrest or events like terrorist attacks and mass shootings (which are quite common in the US) as reasons why the categorization should be reconsidered.

We have to say, she is absolutely petty and we’re here for it. 

Grenada is on alert after increased activity was detected from its underwater volcano.

Getting to the Money

Fashion retailer Citi Trends is handing out $5K grants to Black businesses making an impact in their communities. Learn here and apply by February 28.

Culture that Pops

So…who won the Super Bowl? Usher or Beyoncé?

Some Black churches across the nation that served as havens for the community during the periods of enslavement and Jim Crow will be receiving $200K grants for cultural preservation

This Fat Tuesday, we should recognize the Black New Orleanians past and present who’ve used the celebration as a vehicle for reclaiming space, preserving Black traditions, and pushing for progress.


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