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Red Flag Warning

Red flags from last week: Alabama's IVF ruling, Biden canceling more student loans while sending more weapons to Israel (don't be fooled, y'all), marrying ninjas (and/or ninjettes) without doing your due dilligence.

What the Health

Welcome to the world post-Roe v. Wade: The Alabama Supreme Court has ruled that frozen embryos are “children” and, therefore, protected under the state’s Wrongful Death of a Minor Act. Many fertility clinics across the state have paused IVF treatments indefinitely for fear of being held liable for the intentional or accidental destruction of an embryo. 

Temps in the central and eastern US are expected to soar to unusual highs today & tomorrow. Don’t believe us? Dallas will be 91º today. Do what you can to stay cool, family.

Perhaps more Black cardiologists could help reduce high rates of heart disease in our community, but with only 3% of current cardiologists being Black, how many more will we need to see lasting change? Where would they come from?

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

The POTUS canceled another $1.2B student loan debt. This time those who borrowed less than $12K in federal loans will automatically have their loans canceled after 10 years of payments. If you were one of the lucky ones to have had your debt canceled, you should have received an email last week. 

Making sure he satisfies his Zionist interests as well, Joe is also preparing to send more bombs to Israel.

About a week ago, Kamala Harris announced a $6B plan for clean water infrastructure in cities and towns nationwide. Who’s gonna tell her that the country is 10 years too late?

Congress, What’s Good

Y’all know what time it is. Another government shutdown is on the horizon. A deal is needed by Friday, March 1 in order to prevent roughly 20% of agencies from shutting down. Another agreement is required by March 8, to renew funding for the other 80%. GOP demands on issues like LGBTQ+ rights, the border, and abortion appear to be the hold up and the House is still out until Wednesday, 2 days before this week’s deadline. It seems that not voting for the foreign aid package was so stressful, they needed a couple more days to decompress. Our guess is that another temporary resolution will keep the lights on until we have to go through this all over again in a short while. Fun times.  

Since the House is out for a couple days longer, it’ll only be the Senate in committee meetings this week. Here’s what they have on the calendar:

Looking to 2024

This week’s primaries include: Michigan (Dem. primary on 2/27), Michigan, Idaho & Missouri (all GOP caucuses on 3/2), and Washington, DC (GOP primary on 3/3)

Speaking of Michigan, Pro-Israel lobbyists and anti-war activists are both pulling up ahead of the Democratic primary. Should Joe be concerned?

Nikki Haley lost to Trump in her home state’s primary last weekend. At this point, is she delusional or just really, really, REALLY determined?

Donnie really needs to thank the crazy MAGA electorate because they are truly the wind beneath his wings. With him owing roughly $500M from 2 court rulings, he definitely needs all the support (and money) he can get.

BTW, who’s going to tell him that Black people are not buying them uglass sneakers??

Social Justice Round Up

Chicago’s board of education voted unanimously to remove school resource officers from public schools. If you recall, there was a lot of debate in Chicago and elsewhere in 2020 on the efficacy of these officers and whether their presence was beneficial to students.

A Texas judge ruled in favor of the school district that suspended one of its students due to his locs not meeting their guidelines. The student’s family plans to appeal the decision and state lawmakers intend to modify the recently passed CROWN Act to close the loophole that led to the decision.

Should Black athletes avoid Alabama’s public colleges if the state passes an anti-DEI law? Birmingham’s Black mayor says, “YES.”

Around the Diaspora

UNICEF is calling for a diplomatic end to the conflict in Congo and for more to be done immediately to help the children suffering from the fighting.

Teachers on strike in Guyana scored a win after the nation’s High Court ruled that their salaries could not be cut by the government.

Leaders from across the Caribbean met with Haiti’s prime minister to address the ongoing violence. 

Getting to the Money

Harvard has posted 180 of its courses online for free. Check out this article from Mashable, which lists the best courses out of that list. Y’all better get you some of that free knowledge…if it’s relevant.

Listen up hairstylists and salon owners: Beyoncé is marking the release of her haircare line with 25 grants to salons and another 25 to hairstylists in select markets. Check out the details and apply by March 20, 2024.

Who spent hours upon hours listening to “Who TF Did I Marry” on TikTok last week? While the story was definitely jaw-dropping, we hope y’all also caught those financial warning signs because there were plenty.

Culture that Pops

Hydeia Broadbent, prominent HIV/AIDS activist, has passed. Born with the virus, Hydeia made it her mission as a child in the 90s to break the stigma and to advocate for those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. She continued to do so through adulthood. Please send prayers up for her and her loved ones.

2004 was a year. Check out the iconic albums that’ll be turning 20 this year.

Two sisters purchased a plantation on which their ancestors were enslaved, but don’t even think about asking them if you can have your wedding there. The answer is already no.


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