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Not During Black History Month

Things we don't appreciate during Black History Month: mainstream media claiming Travis Kelce invented the fade haircut and politicians alleging folks who want a ceasefire in Gaza are tools of Russia and China.

What the Health

Black men are at increased risk for prostate cancer. Socioeconomic status and race may explain why.

“It’s all in the eyes” when it comes to diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmune conditions alike. Check out these clues that the eyes might give to indicate health concerns elsewhere in the body.

Is your favorite app for mental wellness actually helpful? Some experts warn that they could be doing more harm than good.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Y’alls president is really something else. After Israel claimed that some United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) employees participated in the October 7 attack, Biden and other western leaders cut funding to the organization, exacerbating the humanitarian concern for Gazans. At the moment, UNRWA is the primary organization administering aid to Gaza.

Fulfilling his promise to get back at those believed to have killed 3 US soldiers, Joe also ordered strikes against Iran-backed militant groups in Iraq and Syria. How soon do y’all think we’ll be in a full scale war?

Remember when the POTUS caught a case for his mishandling of classified documents a little while ago? Updates from that investigation should be coming back any day now and it has him shook.

Congress, What’s Good

Details from that bipartisan border plan were finalized and released last week. Like clockwork, it was immediately met with jeers from the Right. Regardless of the fact that the GOP pressed hard for this legislation, it apparently will not even be put up for a vote in the House. (Anything to keep Big Daddy Donald happy and to hopefully keep Biden away from a 2nd term.)

What the GOP-led House will do, however, is vote on a package to send more aid to Israel. This funding was expected to be in the border deal, but didn’t make the cut. Maybe if it was there, the hootin’ and hollerin’ from Republicans would have only been at a level 99 instead of 100.

Also, Nancy Pelosi proved again that politicians whose political views appear to be “liberal” can’t be trusted beyond their own conveniences. The congresswoman hilariously claimed that people calling for a ceasefire in Gaza are under the influence of Russia…no wait China. Actually, maybe both. 

…It’s time for her ass to retire.

In committee meetings this week:

Looking to 2024

Nevada got next in the primaries with Democrats in the state voting TODAY. Who’s ready?

Civil war historians say Trump should be removed from the 2024 ballot. Will the SCOTUS adhere to what history buffs claim the 14th Amendment mandates or will the Republican majority find a way around it?

Some people say sitting presidents are less likely to be voted out in the midst of the country being at war. Will Biden’s actions in the Middle East give him another term?

BTW, the support for Biden in South Carolina is still strong. He won over 95% of the vote in the state’s Democratic primary.

Social Justice Round Up

The Fearless Fund, a Black woman-owned venture capital firm, is getting grilled by Trump-appointed judges for its mission to give grants to other Black woman-owned businesses. The organization that brought the suit against them is the same organization that helped overturn affirmative action in US colleges. With their anti-DEI playbook and 2 of the 3 judges being conservatives, it appears the Fearless Fund will have an uphill battle.

A new bill proposed in Georgia’s state Senate would make it illegal for individuals or nonprofits to bail out more than 3 people in a year. It would also increase the number of low-level offenses that would require cash bail. The state House will vote on this measure today. If it passes, it’ll be ready for the governor to sign (and we know he will), making more people susceptible to sitting in jail simply because they can’t afford to pay their way out. For all of that talk about Atlanta being Wakanda, Georgia is still Georgia.

California’s reparations package is finally ready. It includes 14 measures that aim to address inequities in areas like criminal justice, education and civil rights. What isn’t included is a measure aimed at providing monetary reparations to descendants of people enslaved in the US. Apparently, there was no appetite for that sort of proposal.

While this country always finds it difficult to financially compensate the heirs of enslaved Africans, the heirs of people who’ve suffered other atrocities seem to have a much easier time. New York State just announced a $183M fund for Holocaust survivors and their heirs. Let’s hope they get it right in their upcoming reparations package for the descendants of slavery as well.

Around the Diaspora

Unfortunately, the ongoing war in Sudan is contributing to the largest internal displacement of people in the world. While well-funded governments (like ours) continue to not do enough, there are organizations that we can donate to, to help. If you feel led to make a difference in Sudan, consider UNICEF.

Spice Massive stand up! Grenada will celebrate its 50th year of independence tomorrow. 

Guyana’s President Irfaan Ali says the University of the West Indies plans to establish a new school of medicine in the country.

Getting to the Money

If you’re a journalist that’s been laid off, Linktree is providing you a free year of Linktree Pro in hopes that you continue amplifying your voice and perspective.

Credit card debt is no fun. Here are 4 tips for paying off your balance(s) now so you can get to financial freedom later.

Starting to feel the pinch of burnout at work? Let’s take care of that.

Culture that Pops

It’s Black History Month. Here are 10 BHM Commandments to follow and to encourage allies to follow as well.

A documentary about Luther Vandross is coming our way.

This Milwaukee-based Black-owned bank is celebrating 100 years in business.


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