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White Nationalists Gone Wild

If it's one thing that's been true since the beginning of time...these folks are going crazy.

What the Health

September marked the start of a new Sickle Cell Awareness Month. Here are some facts about the disease that disproportionately affects our community.

California just began a new program that would pay meth users to remain sober.

If you’re looking to get a COVID booster, the latest version should be available in the next week or so.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Was y’all POTUS more deeply involved in his son’s scandalous dealings than was previously reported? Some sources believe so.

Despite not being able to cancel as much as he hoped, is Joe’s latest student debt plan still beneficial?

Kamala Harris is headed to Indonesia to further convince Southeast Asia that the US is that girl in comparison to China.

Congress, What’s Good?

Congress will be back in full swing tomorrow, and they need to address the government shut down in the next 25 days. Click here to see the potential impacts of not having a deal in time.

Apart from Messy Manchin, Democrats can typically put differences aside for a bigger cause. The main question will be whether House leader McCarthy can get his GOP colleagues together. Y’all know Republicans are always in the mood to fck something up.

Again, it’s time to get Mitch McConnell’s ass out of here. (Out of Congress, that is. We’ll let the Most High handle the rest.) The Kentucky Senator, who has a 38-year record of obstructing everything that’s not beneficial to white conservative men, froze again during a recent press conference.

Committee meetings are back. Here’s a glimpse at what’s on this week’s agenda:

Looking to 2024

2024 presidential candidate Cornel West has words for Bernie Sanders and his support for Joe Biden.

Ron DeSantis put political optics before people and refused to tour the damage from Hurricane Idalia with the POTUS.

Trump’s trial for trying to overturn the 2020 election will begin on March 4, 2024. That’s the day before Super Tuesday, where the GOP will hold primary elections across 16 states. Considering some polls show he has as much as 50% of Republican support, he might not have anything to worry about.

Social Justice Round Up

After the racist shooting at a Dollar General in Jacksonville, Florida’s Black community hits peak anger with Ron DeSantis.

Did y’all know this? 24 hours after the Jacksonville shooting, an armed white man attempted to enter a Black church in Pittsburgh and threatened two women when he was denied entry.

These Karens and Kens really are terrorists. A bomb threat was sent to an Oakland elementary school over the school holding events for Black families and other families of color.

Around the Diaspora

Prayers up for South Africa. A deadly fire in a residential building exposed dangerous living conditions and willful neglect.

Mali throws the French language aside, opting instead for their 50+ local languages.

Getting to the Money

Love doing the most on TikTok and IG? Here’s how you can turn your passion into a money-making business.

Culture that Pops

The first Black person to make it to space wants to see more of y’all out there. Who’s going??

Coco Gauff goes off at the US Open.

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