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Well Done, Joe.

Joe is having a tough week. Hunter's drama is impacting his upcoming campaign (that people still want him to quit) and has garnered him an impeachment inquiry from House Republicans. He's also getting side eyes from across the political spectrum for not doing enough to manage the immigration influx. Who does he have to thank for all of this?

What the Health

If you or anyone you know are battling sickle cell anemia, check out these resources put together by our friends at the Crescent Foundation. Some of them are for educational purposes and others are for genetic screening and blood donations.

The FDA approved a new COVID booster last week and the CDC recommended it for everyone older than 6 months of age. You getting it?

Studies have proven that our health outcomes improve when we are under the care of Black doctors. How will the SCOTUS striking down affirmative action earlier this year affect the number of Black people entering medicine?

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

A judge ruled DACA (the Deferred Action for Childhood arrival) was illegal last week. Can the Biden administration save it before it’s too late?

At this rate, Hunter Biden literally got 99 problems and another charge might be on the way. The POTUS’ son was indicted last week on gun charges and a charge for filing his taxes late could be coming next. It looks like Joe really should have had that “When we get up in this store…” talk with Hunter before Inauguration Day.

When it comes to who’s at fault for mishandling the influx of migrants in NYC, the Biden administration, leadership in New York, and southern border states all look like that one Spider-Man meme.

Congress, What’s Good?

With the shutdown timer ticking, House Republicans first formally launched an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden. The crew is convinced they can catch him red handed in Hunter’s shenanigans. So far, there’s no evidence linking the POTUS to his son’s crimes , but of course they’ll turn over every stone.

Now that that’s out of the way…House Republicans did come up with a short term deal amongst themselves to avoid a government shutdown, but it’s unlikely to get past the Democrat-controlled Senate. 13 days, y’all.

Finally, someone who gets it: Mitt Romney, the 76-year-old Republican Senator from Utah has decided that he will not run for another term once his current one ends in January ‘25.

In terms of committee meetings this week, he’s a little of what’s on deck:

Looking to 2024

Prepare to be sick of political ads. Ad spending in 2024 is expected to amount to $10B, beating previous records.

Dear Democrats who want Biden to quit the 2024 race, just get over it. The man is determined. We will all just have to wait and see if the 34% of people who say he will complete a second term in full are correct.

Right about now (because we know these polls stay changing), the Senate is looking red and the House is looking blue. Do y’all think this will hold up come November 2024?

Social Justice Round Up

A Texas student was suspended for his locs, even after the CROWN Act was in effect. Texas, we already knew y’all was just virtue signaling, but you couldn’t even keep up the act for 7 days??

60 years later, justice has still not been served for the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, AL.

Lawmakers in California passed a bill that would extend unemployment eligibility to striking workers. Will Governor Gavin Newsom sign it into law?

Around the Diaspora

Moroccan leadership has fronted $200M to help rebuild after last week’s earthquake.

Libya also suffered catastrophic flooding last week. If you are able to help in their recovery efforts, here is a list of organizations you can check out and consider donating to. (BTW, the irony of the Obama Foundation sharing this list after 44’s contribution to destabilizing Libya is nasty work.)

Barbados has achieved international recognition as a leader in the fight for reparations. Now, can they actually get those reparations?

These are the types of diaspora link ups we love to hear about: Cuban optometrists arrived in Jamaica to provide eye care services to those in need and Nigeria helped rebuild a Haitian school that was damaged by the 2010 earthquake.

Getting to the Money

This week shows that people are still out here making it difficult for us to find financial success. Take note and move accordingly:

  • A leaked document showed that Black Google employees made $20K less on average than white ones in 2022. In response to the news, Google basically said, “We pay y’all what we think you’re worth.”

  • In 2020, there was a “shecession” in which women experienced a high level of layoffs due to the pandemic. Many women are back at work, but Black women are still experiencing unemployment at a disproportionate rate compared to their peers.

  • Black entrepreneurs applying for Small Business Association 8(a) loans must now convince the SBA that being Black is a “social disadvantage” via a 3 page essay. We can thank the SCOTUS’s decision to end affirmative action for that.

Buying Black

We’re convinced that all Black folks—no matter where they come from—love to step out looking good with all the adornments, accessories, etc. Here are 6 Black-owned handbag companies to give your or your loved ones’ fits that extra “splah.”

Culture that Pops

This bookstore helps parents find books that uplift the babies.

Meet the woman that’s working to protect the coral reefs, the climate, and Black history through scuba diving.

Ps. A pocket of the community really came together last week in uproar over the changes to Delta’s loyalty program. If you enjoyed your status and know they about to snatch it back, we feel for you.


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