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Where Da Cash At?

Black artists are securing bags & doing beautiful things with them, but Black homeowners in Detroit are still waiting on what they're owed.

The Skinny on COVID

The latest in numbers: 81M total cases & 988K total deaths (+265K & +4K from last week) in the US.

The headlines:

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

To lower gas prices during the summer months, Joe Biden has authorized the sale of E15, a gasoline that is said to be dirtier than the fuel we use today. You might wanna learn more about it before you put it in your ride though.

New poll numbers, who dis? It’s Latinx voters and their growing dislike of the POTUS.

Kamala Harris is pushing the Biden administration to make Black maternal health a top priority.

Congress, What’s Good?

It’s quiet for your elected faves (if you have any) since they won’t be back in DC until next Monday.

As for committee meetings, the 2 scheduled for this week are as follows:

Election Watch: 2022 Midterms

According to Mitch McConnell, it is possible for the GOP to perform badly in November if they keep on keeping on with “unacceptable” candidates.

Will women over 50 be the voting bloc that decides the outcome of the upcoming elections?

Voters with disabilities may face a new set of challenges at the polls this fall. We can thank 45 and the “Big Lie” for that.

Social Justice Round Up

Protests have erupted in Michigan after the release of footage that showed a white cop shooting Patrick Lyoya, a Black man, in the back of his head after a struggle over the officer’s taser.

Black women be knowing: many fear the health crisis that could result from the recent flood of abortion restrictions.

The City of Detroit admitted to inflating property taxes from 2010 and 2016 and displacing thousands of families (mostly Black) in the process. Now the city needs to run those people their money and make sure they account for the value of the homes they lost.

Despite no clear linkage between the two, leaders for bail reform in New York State have taken their foot off the gas due to rising crime rates.

Around the Diaspora

Hundreds in South Africa have died from flooding caused by torrential rains. Many others remain missing.

Universities in France have begun to accept Black students fleeing violence in Ukraine.

Umm what? The UK and Rwanda are working on a potential deal in which anyone who arrives by boat to the UK (from anywhere) and seeks asylum will be sent to Rwanda and allowed to seek asylum there. The move, though widely criticized as inhumane, is expected to pass after some consideration from Parliament. It is also expected to face some challenges in court.

After discontinuing service 30 years ago, Jamaica aims to revitalize its island-wide railroad as a sustainable transportation option.

Getting to the Money

Looking for part-time work to get you by while you focus on other things? This digital agency is hiring a Digital Marketing Account Manager/Project Manager.

Pronghorn, an agency created by Diageo in partnership with DEI leaders to diversify the alcoholic beverage industry, is hiring. Check out their roles across finance, marketing & partnerships. Internships are also available.

Buying Black

Decorating a new home or sprucing up your current space? Sticki Icki has everything you need to make your home look unique, smell amazing (their new incense packs are a hit) & and feel unapologetically Black. Take a look through their site & get inspired by all things your spot could be.

Culture that Pops

Perhaps in an effort to prove it’s the real HU, Hampton University is canceling the outstanding balances of its students for this semester.

This Baltimore-born artist just secured a big bag to create a Black cultural database that highlights the African American experience in his city.

Amy Sherald, the artist who created the painting of Breonna Taylor that was featured on the cover of Vanity Fair, recently sold it to the Smithsonian and another museum. She will use the proceeds from the sale to start fellowship & scholarship programs for students dedicated to social justice.


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