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How Does It Feel??

For UN Deputy Ambassador Robert Wood (and UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield), a new week is a new opportunity to deny Palestinians of statehood and the right to exist safely on their own land. He must be so proud to do the bidding of a place that would still have him at the bottom of the totem pole if he didn't have his title.

What the Health

If you’re burnt out and you know it, take a break. Research confirms working late is tied to depression and illness. Need advice on how to avoid burnout? Here are 24 tips to get you started.

The FDA recently announced a recall of the HeartMate II and HeartMate 3 heart pumps due to patient deaths and injuries. For a full list of all impacted models and for information on how to return a heart pump, check this page out.

Addictive features on social media like push notifications and endless scrolling are not beneficial for children’s mental health. In fact, one group says it’s “particularly risky.”

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Biden is still showing us whose b*tch the USA is. After Iran’s retaliation on Israel last week, his administration announced sanctions against Iran’s drone program.

We were also the only nation to veto Palestine’s bid to become a fully recognized state by the UN. (The UK and Switzerland abstained.) We wonder if the ambassadors to the UN, both of whom happen to be Black, are tired of being the faces of the country’s blatant disregard for the Palestinian people.

Where Kamala at? Traveling the country and telling everybody that each and every abortion ban is Donnie’s fault. 

Congress, What’s Good

House Speaker Mike Johnson may have just secured himself a one way ticket out of his position. After months, he bypassed the far-right faction of his party to pass a $95.3B foreign aid bill for Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine. We just know working with Democrats to seal the deal and sending more money to Ukraine got Marjorie Taylor Greene throwing a full-blown, super Karen tantrum right now.

You wanna know what else is in that bill? A ban on TikTok. The ban could be up for a Senate vote as soon as today and with it being tied in with other initiatives that are high priority for Congress, it has a high chance of passing. If the majority does vote “yes,” TikTok will either need to be sold quickly (within 9 months) or be banned in the US.

Another Congressional update: Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ impeachment case dismissed by Senate, effectively squashing any effort to oust him.

Short agenda for this week’s committee meetings. This is all that’s on the menu:

Looking to 2024

PA (Dems & GOP) & PR Democrats, y’all are hitting the polls on the 23rd and 28th respectively. Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

RFK, Jr. says he’s the best candidate for climate change. A number of his old colleagues, however, hit him with a full-page ad to ask, “Why you always lying?”

Trump’s hush money trial now has its jurors. Here’s where most of them get their news. (Hint: It’s not Fox News…thankfully.) The former president was also caught dozing off during the trial proceedings. It’s got to be exhausting keeping up with all 5,011 of these trials.

Social Justice Round Up

Columbia University students camped out on their main lawn in defiance of the university’s president’s support for Israel. 100 students were arrested by the NYPD for the demonstration. In response to the unfair treatment of the students and the inhumane treatment of Palestinians, more protests popped up at other colleges in solidarity.

The Supreme Court basically just banned the right to organize mass protests in Louisiana, Mississippi & Texas. How did they do this? By stating that if you organize a mass protest in one of these 3 states, and someone vandalizes property during the demonstration, you as the organizer are financially responsible. 

Evanston, IL transferred its $17M reparation fund to a Black-owned bank. Residents will be able to use the funding to purchase a home.

Around the Diaspora

Women farmers in the Ivory Coast are using the sale of vegetables to transform their lives and those around them.

4K Kenyan doctors and dentists have been on strike for 5 weeks, calling for higher wages and better working conditions. Since the strike began, patients have been forced to turn to private, more expensive medical clinics to receive timely care. The public is urging President William Ruto to act, but he says the government does not have the funds to meet their demands.

15M in Sudan are said to be in urgent need of healthcare. Since the start of the war, the majority of the nation’s medical infrastructure has been paused and things like medication, oxygen, and blood are in extremely short supply. Since the world powers are still cool with letting Sudan (as well as other places) suffer without providing sufficient, no-strings-attached humanitarian aid, consider donating to Islamic Relief. They’ve been working in Sudan for 40 years. If you feel inspired to help, but want a list of other vetted nonprofits, take a look here.

Getting to the Money

Over CEOs like Nike’s that are trying to push people back into the office? Here are 21 places to find remote roles

Culture that Pops

Tatyana Ali launched Baby Yams, a mini collection of quilts that she designed to help further the mission of Black & Indigenous doulas and midwives.

There are 2 types of people in this world: those who are thrilled that BET has become Tyler Perry’s personal network and those who aren’t. Regardless of what side you’re on, brace yourself because they just secured a new deal that will renew 8 of his shows and launch a new series.

Have you heard of Laithan Dickerson yet? This 7-year old is Arkansas’ youngest and only Black female bull rider.


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