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Understanding the Recession Fear

Unpacking Those Recession Warnings

We already told you Drake giving you money ain’t in God’s plan, so you better pay attention to the potential recession that folks are talking about. If you heard about the yield curve being the latest sign of an impending economic downtown and didn’t really know what they were talking about, you’re not alone. Check out this breakdown of what it means (basically 10-year bonds are yielding less interest than they should) then put somebody else on. That’s your homework for this week.

Real Recognize the Last 400 Years

The New York Times is observing the 400 years since the first enslaved Africans arrived in the US with its 1619 project. In a collection of powerful works largely by Black intellectuals, the Times aims to demonstrate how slavery’s legacy impacts everything from healthcare to traffic jams in ATL. Most importantly, it seeks to give and/or remind Black people of a “sense of ownership over this country...and pride in our resilience.”

Is There More than One Road to Justice? News of Jay Z’s social justice partnership and potential ownership deal with the NFL came last week and like the opinionated people we are, we’ve all got a lot to say. Eric Reid, Shaun King, and many other die-hard supporters of Colin Kaepernick believe he’s out of line. They say he’s profiting off the sacrifice Kap made and that he’s effectively thrown away his cultural capital. But has he? Is the only way to move forward Kaepernick’s way? Could Hov really be playing the role of The Spook by the Door? Salon has an interesting take on the deal and it’s one we should all try to ingest, even if we still go back to calling him a sell out later.

2020 Tings

Sanders, Warren, Booker, Buttigieg & Castro walk into a conference for Black Christian millenials...

Andrew Yang proves he can two-step with the best of us.

It be ya own people. The latest Fox News poll shows Donald Trump losing to 4 of the top Democratic candidates.

John Hickenlooper drops out of the race. No shade, but did you even know he was in it?

Around the Diaspora

Congolese doctors are now confident that Ebola can be cured. Their Measles epidemic, however, has yet to be suppressed.

Belize does not play about its blue waters. They’re a world leader when it comes to protecting the ocean and other countries could take a page out of their book.

Zimbabwe is being crushed by nearly 20 years of sanctions imposed by the US and the EU. South Africa, Angola, and more countries are calling for an end.

Could Benin and other African countries whose historical artifacts have been stolen and placed in European museums finally be returned? Killmonger would be satisfied.

Culture that Pops

We could say that we’re tired of writing about Steph Curry, but he’s so...damn...good. At everything. In his latest venture, Chef Curry is helping Howard University cook up a golfing program.

F*ck a run for president. Stacey Abrams is making it her business to protect voters in future elections.

Forever President Barack Obama says you should honor Toni Morrison by reading (or re-reading) her work. We agree.

Essence Magazine will go from printing 12 to just 6 issues annually, but they’re promising that less will be more.


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