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They Not Like Us

It's time to recognize 50 Cent for the conservative that he is. Some of yall's GOAT went to Congress to ask for more support for Black-owned liquor and music companies (not for the rest of us) and repeated that tired ass line about Black men identifying with Trump because of his legal troubles. That don't sit right with us.

What the Health

June is Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month. Here are 10 ways brothas can prioritize their mental health.

Also, shout out to this group of (mostly) Black men who  are running marathons and making a documentary for the benefit of the community’s mental health.

Looking for a doctor that looks like you? Give a chance.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

The POTUS signed an executive order on immigration that has him looking a lot like who he said he didn't want to be. The new order only grants asylum protections to the first 2,500 people who attempt to cross the border in a given day and immigration advocates are saying the policy is reminiscent of the Trump era.

Another week, another opportunity for Joe to struggle with whether he’s on the right side of history with the war in Gaza. In an interview with TIME, y’all’s president says Hamas is the reason we haven’t seen a ceasefire, even as he is unable to say that Netanyahu isn’t extending the war for political gain. Can anyone tell us how both can be true? Hamas has agreed to previous ceasefire proposals, btw. 

Speaking of ceasefires, adoption of Biden’s recent proposal isn’t making any progress and it’s likely due Israel’s successful hostage rescue operation over the weekend. If you recall, Netanyahu wanted complete victory in the war against Gaza and he might feel that it’s within his grasp.

Congress, What’s Good

Following orders from a 34-time convicted felon, House Speaker Mike Johnson appointed 2 Trump loyalists (who have no business knowing the government’s secrets) to the House Intelligence Committee. Johnson has also asked the Supreme Court to step in and consider Trump’s conviction. They’re showing us out loud how they’re preparing to undermine the 2024 election results should Trump lose again. 

“Bad built” Marjorie Taylor Greene made a remark about Democrats “worshiping” George Floyd and the Congressional Black Caucus told her to keep her mouth shut. We wonder what the political equivalent of “hands” are and if Marjorie has them?

A Black Republican Representative suggested Black folks were better off under Jim Crow when we voted conservatively and our families were still together. He really thought he was saying something until he was asked if his family (with his white wife) could also be together at that time.

Save the date: Benjamin Netanyahu will address Congress on July 24.

Committee meetings coming up include:

Looking to 2024

Presidential primary elections are officially over, but other primaries are still going. ME, NV, ND, and SC, y’all have Senate, House, and/or Governor races tomorrow, June 11. GA, OK, and VA, you all are expected back at the polls on Tuesday, June 18 for the same races.

Donnie can breathe a little easier about his election subversion charges down in Georgia. The state’s Court of Appeals suspended the case indefinitely until it can determine the suitability of Fulton County DA Fani Willis. You might recall Team Trump is working to get Fani disqualified for an inappropriate relationship she had with a Special Prosecutor working on the case. Her qualification is expected to be determined by March 2025, well after November's election.

Biden & co. are working to flip moderate Republicans. Are they playing themselves? 

Social Justice Round Up

Is 50 Cent really for us? Or for himself? The rapper made a visit to Capitol Hill to advocate for closing the wealth gap…by allowing (rich) Black folks to have more representation in the liquor and music industries. He also made sure to take a picture with insurrectionist MAGA princess Lauren Boebert, but that’s not too shocking since they do one thing they have in common: endorsing Trump in 2020. At what point does one go from being a “real n*gga” to being what the hoteps and conspiracists like to call a plant? Curtis is clearly on the skinfolk end of the spectrum.

Anti-DEI crusaders have another win under their belt. An appeals court ruled the Fearless Fund, a grant program for Black female entrepreneurs, must suspend its operations on the grounds that it is discriminatory to all others. Without programs like the Fearless Fund, Black women in business have no option other than to receive scraps (literally, just 0.4%) of all venture capital funding available. If Black people cannot help ourselves or “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps,” who is going to do it for us? The answer—and the point of it all—is no one. 

If you haven’t noticed, the whites are still in flight. They are creating “white fortress” cities, seceding from areas that are largely non-white and hoarding resources and opportunities for themselves. This trend, highlighted by the example in Baton Rouge we mentioned a couple weeks ago, often leaves Black and brown communities in the dust in terms of health, education and wealth-building. 

Legislators in California are considering a bill that would designate public universities and colleges with at least 10% of Black students as a “Black-serving institution.” This type of designation is supposed to be an indicator to incoming Black students that the environment is supportive and welcoming. We didn't see much info, however, about what additional resources will be given to the 25+ qualifying schools themselves to ensure they live up to and maintain this status. Interesting. 

Around the Diaspora

According to the UN, 17 “hunger hotspots,” including Sudan, South Sudan, Nigeria, Haiti, Ethiopia and more are at risk of extreme famine.

Speaking of Haiti, their new prime minister was hospitalized less than a week after being sworn in for a likely asthma attack. Thankfully, he was discharged after one night.

Due to an uptick in crime, ridesharing apps are on the verge of being banned in Jamaica. 

Northern Ireland has its first Black mayor. She hails from Kenya and plans to tackle poverty, the job market, and affordable housing.

Getting to the Money

Businesses with LGBTQ+ founders are less likely to receive funding than others despite applying for it at similar rates. Here are 16 grant programs for LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs that aim to make a difference. 

Culture that Pops

Bad Boys 4: Ride or Die dominated the box office over the weekend with Black folks accounting for 44% of all ticket sales. If it’s one group that wasn’t gonna let that slap turn them off from seeing this film (or from Will in general), it’s us.

2024 marks 45 years of celebrating Black Music Month. Let’s give it up for Dyana Williams, the disk jockey who worked hard to ensure our musical contributions would be acknowledged and celebrated each and every June.

Barbie lovers gather ‘round. Shonda Rhimes is working on a Netflix documentary about the impact of Black Barbie dolls.


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