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A Hot Summer Mess

Honestly, we don't know what's more of a mess. The government or the 2023 BET Awards. Actually, we're gonna let the government have this one. Who were we kidding? All 3 branches are fcking up royally.

What the Health

Mental health has always been a touchy subject for our community because we don’t want to seem weak or like we can’t keep it pushing. How can we turn our vulnerability into power?

When them people banned abortions last year, they still didn’t increase access to reproductive health care. Guess who this impacts the most?

Black vets are denied health benefits more often than white ones.


Yet another Supreme Court Justice has outed for fraternizing with a billionaire who’s had cases go before the Court. Justice Samuel Alito wants y’all to mind the business that pays you…not the business that pays him.

Following in the footsteps of the recent Alabama decision, the SCOTUS restored a lower court’s decision that said Louisiana must redraw its voting map to represent a second majority Black district. Since racists will fight tooth and nail to retain power, the case will now go to a lower—and more conservative—appellate court for further review.

The POTUS gets a win from the SCOTUS. The Justices ruled that he had the authority to set guidelines for how immigration officers should be enforcing immigration laws.

The Court has just 3 days before the end of this term and before they announce rulings on polarizing topics like student loan debt and affirmative action. Are we the only ones who feel like they’re about to play in our faces with their final rulings and then go on vacation without a care in the world? Hopefully, we’re wrong though.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

India’s PM Narendra Modi visited the White House last week and y’alls president is facing criticism for turning a blind eye to the leader’s human rights violations. Then again, maybe it was best for the US to keep its mouth shut because the way things be set up over here…yeah.

The Pentagon overestimated the value of weapons it gave to Ukraine by $6.2B. Rather than taking that money and allocating it to something that would benefit the citizens of this country, it will remain in the pot of money to go to Ukraine. So far, $113B has gone to Ukrainians in their efforts to fight off Russia’s invasion.

Hunter Biden reached a plea deal for failing to pay his taxes from years past. He will likely get probation for the offense. There’s also a gun charge that is expected to drop. Must be nice to be the President’s son.

Congress, What’s Good?

Capitol Hill is really a trailer park. House Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene cussed out former bestie Lauren Boebert for allegedly copying her impeachment homework. LOL. For now, however, the GOP has decided to put impeaching the President on hold to focus on impeaching the Attorney General. Apparently, AG Garland didn’t go after Hunter Biden the way they wanted him to. Oh yeah, they also got their lick back against a Democratic colleague who impeached Trump the first time in 2019. They truly play the long game over there.

In the Senate, Democrats intend to have SCOTUS ethics legislation drafted up after the summer recess. While this is great (and should have been done), will it do anything to change the judicial branch, which has traditionally enjoyed autonomy and a lack of accountability?

As for committee meetings, there are only 2 due to the upcoming holiday. The meetings will cover cover:

Looking to 2024

Will abortion still be an issue to voters in 2024? If so, will pro-choice or anti-choice come out victorious?

When it comes to a Biden-Trump rematch, many don't want to be bothered with either of them.

Ron DeSantis is always in the news for his extreme policies, but apparently they’re not hitting with Republican voters like he needs them to.

Social Justice Round Up

While many states across the country are considering reparations in different forms, Evanston, Illinois did it first. Here’s how Black residents feel about the city’s cash reparations program now that it’s off the ground.

This Georgia police department let their actions to say the quiet part out loud. During a “firearm safety class” (aka target practice) they used an image of a Black man in a beanie as their target.

Around the Diaspora

Jamaica’s prime minister claims he wants to give up his salary to combat lies about a recent pay increase.

Sudan is still in the thick of it. Unfortunately, the heavy fighting is making it tough for people to get the healthcare they need.

Climate experts in the Caribbean say residents and tourists should expect higher temperatures this summer.

Getting to the Money

Have you considered how taking online courses might help your job search? Here are 4 ways taking time to learn something new can set you apart.

Buying Black

It’s never too late to hit your fitness goals. If you’re like us and feel more motivated when you look good, check out these Black-owned activewear brands to get you right. There are 24 brands to choose from, so at least one of them has to be up your alley.

Culture that Pops

BET held an awards ceremony on Sunday (We don’t want to call it the “BET Awards” because we’re used to something different). Here’s a recap of the show’s winners and performances.

The International African American Museum is opening in Charleston, South Carolina today. Building off the fact that half of all enslaved people in the US came through Charleston, the museum will also feature a genealogical center to help visitors find their first ancestors that touched what is now US soil.

Hampton University’s freshman class this fall will be just under 1300 students. That’s a 39% increase from last year’s incoming class.


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