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Same Story, Y'all.

32 years after the death of Latasha Harlins, another store owner kills Cyrus Carmack-Belton for the same thing—suspicion of shoplifting. When will they learn that a Black life is always worth the benefit of the doubt?

What the Health

Remember when NYC was the national epicenter of pandemic and wherever they went, the rest of the country followed? Well the Big Apple’s wastewater indicates a high level of COVID is back in the city.

Also, just like we’re back outside, so are all the bacteria and viruses. Here’s a glimpse at what to look out for this summer.

For Black women, food insecurity can be directly tied to their mental health.

Racial bias in medical software leads to undiagnosed respiratory conditions in Black men.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Amid concerns about his age getting louder, Biden took a tumble over the weekend.

As a Catholic, the POTUS has had to navigate some LGBTQ+ issues while in office. At times his actions have been considered beneficial for the community. Other times, not so much.

Kamala Harris is focused on 2 things these days: addressing racism in the home appraisal process and gun violence.

Congress, What’s Good?

At this point, we really could throw away (aka vote out) the majority of folks in Congress. After stalling on the debt ceiling for months, the House and Senate passed legislation to suspend the debt ceiling, avoiding economic chaos just in the nick of time. Now that the bill has been signed by Biden, we won’t have to deal with this again until after the 2024 election.

Another reason why Congress can get tf outta here: the Senate voted to kill Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, thanks to 2 Democrats (you know one of them was Manchin), Independent-ass Kyrsten Sinema, and all Senate Republicans. Because the bill already passed through the House, it’s headed to a veto-ready Biden. Unless both chambers can gather two-thirds of the vote to override his veto, we’ll continue to wait for the SCOTUS to make their decision on the issue by the end of this month.

Social Justice Round Up

Same story, new century: A gas station owner chased and killed a Black teenager who he mistakenly believed was shoplifting. Cyrus Carmack-Belton was 14 years old.

New York’s Department of Correction will stop announcing the deaths of people in jail. According to them, it was a “practice not policy.”

Since when has it become illegal to raise money for legal support? Atlanta police raided a house and arrested the organizers of a bail fund intended for those who’ve been protesting the construction of Cop City, a police training facility.

The NYPD allowed a Brooklyn neighborhood to police itself by forwarding lower level 911 calls to community responders. Residents in support of the idea say it allows civilians to determine how their community addresses crime and makes them feel safer.

Around the Diaspora

A Senegalese organization is working to increase Africa’s ability to manufacture vaccines for itself rather than waiting on western nations to give the Continent their leftovers.

Antigua & Barbuda gives its Rastafari community authorization to grow marijuana for sacramental purposes.

Migrant workers from Jamaica are raising the flag about less-than-favorable living and working conditions on Canadian farms.

Anielle Franco, Brazil’s minister of racial equity, is working to reduce racial and ethnic discrimination against Black people at home and across the globe.

Getting to the Money

With so many layoffs in tech these days, it’s important for impacted workers to know as much as they can about the financial health of the companies they’re applying to. Massive is an online platform that posts startups’ career openings as well as insights from their most recent funding rounds, giving job seekers the tools needed to make job security determinations themselves. Check them out and share with a friend who may also be looking for work.

Buying Black

Father’s Day is coming up. Take a look at this Black-owned gift guide for all the fathers, father figures and zaddies in your life.

Culture that Pops

Because it’s Pride Month (and, as we always say, none of us Black folk are free until we are all free), here are 10 Black LGBTQ+ legends whose work has changed history, expanded our minds, and entertained generations.

How do we feel about this? Black Wolf, a Black-owned security company, just released its ridesharing app that aims to protect its passengers with armed drivers.

Here’s a list of books by Black authors to get through this month…or this summer, whichever fits your schedule.


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