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Show Us The Tax Returns

In the World of Trump... Do y’all get tired of reading about this man?? Whether you support his presidency or not, you gotta admit that he is a walking news cycle. After going on a two week break and leaving us with the biggest cliffhanger (the “full” Mueller report), Congress is back and ready to get down to business. This week’s agenda includes a few small items like making sure Barr does not back out of either of his two scheduled House appearances and getting the full Russia report sans any redactions. And don’t forget about those tax returns that have yet to surface. Meanwhile Trump is fighting back on all of this by simply refusing to comply or allowing his administration officials to do the same. In non-scandalous updates about the president, he’s scheduled to meet Democratic leaders Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi about infrastructure, but that won’t be awkward with everything else going on. Not one bit. LOL

Interesting sidebar...the Washington Post’s fact checker has announced that yall’s president has officially told over 10K lies while in office. Now that’s a victory that no one can take from him.

Social Security to Run Dry “You gon’ miss me when I’m gone.” That’s basically what Social Security is saying after it was announced that beneficiaries would begin to see a fraction of their current benefits  (77% to be exact) if changes to the system are not made by 2035. There’s a lot of talk about how the issue should be addressed. Some say allow more immigrants. Some are looking for 2020 Democratic candidates to come up with a solution. Others are simply looking for the current Congress to stop ignoring the issue and make this a priority at last. The potential solutions are endless. For Gen Xers and millennials, it may be wise to invest more heavily in your retirement plans or find other investment avenues because we may never see the benefits of the program that we fund with each paycheck. 2020 News Uncle Joe finally revealed the worst kept secret...that he would be running for president in the 2020 election cycle. He’s popular, but is he the best candidate? Elizabeth Warren made headlines after she said that she wants to get Sallie Mae TF out of here. Wayne Messam, been said that though... Just ‘cause Trump is the incumbent, it doesn’t mean that he’s still not working to win. His campaign manager has got plans to turn a few blue states red next November. WIll they succeed?

Around the Diaspora An award-winning Nigerian author is starting a production company to show the world more Africanfuturist stories.

Kenya for the win! The country can now proudly claim they are home to the male and female winners of the 2019 London Marathon.

Mozambique was hit by another devastating cyclone, their second in a 5 week span. Here’s

how you can help them overcome Cyclones Kenneth and Idai.

The Bahamas is asking Carnival Corporation for answers after it was revealed that the cruise line dumped hundreds of thousands of sewage and food waste in Bahamian waters in 2017.

Culture That Pops Shawn Carter helped reopen the iconic NY concert venue Webster Hall with “The B-Sides 2”, a performance featuring rarely performed tracks.

Continuing to put on for HBCUs, Beyoncé reveals her Ivy Park + Adidas collaboration with Grambling State’s Marching band in tow.

Pharrell partners with Verizon for a tech-focused music education program in his hometown of Virginia Beach.


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