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More Money, More Tax Problems

2019 State of the Union Recap

Last week yall’s President held his State of the Union address after a lengthy government shutdown that impacted hundreds of thousands of lives and yet yielded nothing. What could Trump possibly have had to say to the nation after that? Well, he continued to push on the immigration “crisis” at the southern border in addition to lowering the cost of prescription drugs, North Korea and more. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, however, couldn’t get past the recent drama and gave the petty clap seen ‘round the world. Stacey Abrams, a Democrat from Georgia, gave the party’s official rebuttal in which she took shots at the president and the GOP for their role in causing the government shutdown and their alleged voter suppression efforts. Factuality and political preferences aside, many Americans polled agreed that this was an overall positive performance for Trump. Time, though, will tell if this was all smoke and mirrors or if his latest agenda will be the real deal for America as a whole.

Virginia is Burning

Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t, but the highest levels of Virginia’s State legislature is steeped in piles full of sh*t. By now, most folks are aware of the current governor’s controversial yearbook photo and his refusal to step down. In the wake of these events, we’ve also come to learn that Justin Fairfax, the state’s lieutenant governor (and highest elected African American official) has been accused of rape by two women. While some believe Fairfax deserves due process prior to being removed, others are threatening impeachment on the basis of defiling his office. As if this wasn’t enough drama, VA’s attorney general, typically the 2nd in line to replace the governor, has also come clean about his own blackface photos. All three embattled men are Democrats, so it’ll need to be a party-wide effort to determine the best way to clean house without seeming to alienate or ignore the oppressions faced by women and Black people alike.

Virginians, want to know how to make your voice heard? View this petition calling for the removal of all three officials.

More Money, More Tax Problems

As a people, we love filing our taxes ASAP and then waiting anxiously for that healthy return to hit our accounts. The day we get those W2s in early January is practically an extension of the holiday season. This year, however, some early filers have been upset because of a tax law that the GOP implemented in 2017. While the legislation did result in a little bump in many people’s regular paychecks, the flip side of the law has folks receiving smaller returns or actually owing money back to the IRS. It’s very possible that this law may affect the size of the tax return bag you secure in 2019. If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, make sure to speak to a tax professional to learn more about the changes that will impact your filing this year.

How Much Support Does 21 Savage Got? A lot.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or taking a much-needed IG sabbatical, you’ve heard about 21 Savage’s arrest by ICE agents who say he has been living in the US illegally after his visa expired in 2006. Activists and hip hop fans are calling for his release given his positive contributions to the community and the questionable timing of his arrest just days after he publicly criticized the government separation families at the Mexican border. Most notably Jay-Z, advocate for criminal justice reform and King of Rap (yep, we said it…fight us!), has stepped in to throw some legal heavy hitters behind the rapper. Regardless of your opinion on his case, his potential deportation does highlight the unique experiences that Black immigrants face in the United States. Realizing this, BLM activists created to show ICE just how much support he has. Sign their petition if you’d also like to stop his possible deportation.

All Eyes on 2020

Elizabeth Warren claiming she’s Native American, Cory Booker getting pressed for hiding the world from his girlfriend, and still no Republican challengers to Donnie? We’re never not going to tell you to stay woke on what’s happening leading up November 3, 2020. Get the latest deets here.

Around the Diaspora…

Why did injera cross the road and tell the Dutchman, “You tried it!”? Because Ethiopia just won a case challenging 2003 patent claiming that a man from the Netherlands invented teff flour, a staple in traditional Ethiopian cuisine for millenia.

“The people of Africa do not have to be poor for others to be rich.” Ghana, Tanzania, and other African nations are standing firm in their negotiations with foreign companies seeking to profit from the motherland’s natural resources.

Culture that Pops…

Last night, Donald Glover made history as the first hip hop artist to win Song of the Year at the 2019 Grammy Awards. Check out what other Hip Hop and R&B acts reined victorious at last night’s ceremony.

Another day, another fashion brand disrespects the plight of Black people. This time, TI and other celebrities are leading a 3 month boycott of Gucci. Do you believe we as a people can stick to our guns to complete the boycott? Also, will this finally teach these brands a lesson or nah?

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