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The President Who Cried "National Emergency"


Remember the national emergency that was declared in order to obtain funding for a wall at the southern border? Well, it appears that folks are calling “BS” on it. 16 states have sued the Trump administration over the decision, including New York and California. House Democrats are also taking action against the move, citing a 1976 law that gives Congress the power to terminate a national emergency. The termination would only become OFFICIAL official if it passes in the Senate as well, which may be a long shot considering Trump’s allies run that particular chamber. Strangely enough, president appears to have given his opposition a strong legal argument by saying he didn't need to declare an emergency. We can expect this to be a huge part of the back and forth before any construction begins.

Mueller: Captain Save-A-Whole-Country?

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is (allegedly) here. Or close by. So we heard.

Robert Mueller and his team are said to be wrapping up their investigation and submitting their findings to the Justice Department within the next few weeks. What are they investigating? Just some minor claims of collusion between somebody’s presidential campaign and the Russians. Once the inquiry is completed, a report is shared with the newly confirmed Attorney General who has the power to say what details are shared and how. The House is threatening to issue subpoenas already to ensure full transparency. Could this be the beginning of the end for this administration? If Trump and his Twitter fingers have anything to type about it, this entire thing is just more of the political establishment pushing their alternative facts. Contrary to what he may say, there has been a lot of real smoke so far (see Paul Manafort), so the chances of there truly being fire are high.*

(*The Bite is technically non-biased, so we must officially say that everyone deserves the benefit of being innocent until proven guilty. Even if their name is Donald J. Trump. Unofficially though…)

The More You Know, the Smarter Your Taxes

We love tax season but do we all know how it works beyond submitting our W2s and getting that glorious refund at the end? Taxes and the IRS are often the scary boogey men that we know we shouldn’t avoid, so let’s take some time to learn a little more. Check out these simple informationals outlining how tax brackets are set up and how the new tax bill works. If you don’t know, now you know.

All Eyes on 2020

The Bern is back, but has his time passed? Many of the younger Democratic presidential candidates are running on key elements of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign. Will they beat him at his own game?

Jersey is proving they are not to be messed with as they attempt to pass a bill that prevents presidential candidates from being on the 2020 ballot if they refuse to release their tax returns (ahem…45). A previous attempt was vetoed in 2017, but with a Democratic state government now, history may not repeat itself.

We’re going to be annoying af about November 2020, but it’s for your own good. Check here for election-related more updates.

Around the Diaspora…

Nigeria just held their presidential election after it was delayed by one week. Votes are still being counted, but read about the candidates and what issues are top of mind in the meantime.

Sudan is now under a state of emergency as citizens protest inflation and cash shortages.

Netflix is releasing an animated series based on the mythology of the Zimbabwean Shona culture.

Culture that Pops…

Last night’s Oscar’s ceremony was hella Black. Check out Essence’s recap of our excellence on display.

Can you believe that Juvenile’s been taking over for the ‘99 to the 2000 for two whole decades now? The iconic “Back Dat Azz Up” turned 20 and the culture isn’t letting it retire anytime soon.

Ryan Coogler, Daniel Kaluuya, and Lakeith Stanfield are working on a film about the life of Fred Hampton titled “Jesus Was My Homeboy.”

Colin Kaepernick and Nike’s ‘Icon Jersey’ sells out in mere hours. A win for the community as well, 20% of the proceeds will go to the athlete’s Know Your Rights camp.


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