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It's Complicated.

Government Shutdown Is Over...For Now

If the government shutdown had a relationship status, it would probably be “it’s complicated.” The longest shutdown in history has finally ended, but a lot is still up in the air. Here’s a recap in case you need one:

--President Tr*mp decided to close critical government units for 35 days until he got $5.7 billion in funding for his border wall. During this time, 800,000 federal workers were furloughed or forced to work while missing 2 paychecks. In response to their plight, the Secretary of Commerce even said that they should "just take out loans” to make ends meet. Sensible folks collectively took a page out of Remy Ma’s book and asked, “ARE YOU DUMB?!”

--With the negotiations inching toward the scheduled State of the Union, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested the president delay his January 29 address until workers could get back to work. Donnie, of course thought he could play games and still get his way. Nancy then clapped back with a professional interpretation of “Act up and you can get snatched up” (thanks City Girls). Because of that, the speech will now be made on February 5 and our girl Stacey Abrams will be delivering the Democrats’ response. Talk about being with the political shits.

So now that the shutdown is over, did 45 get his border money in exchange for reopening the government? The current deal is to have the government remain open until February 15 while negotiations continue. Because this is still a stressful time for the impacted families, let’s continue to send prayers and positive energy up for this to end soon and that they can get their back pay.

Presidential Mob Ties

We all know that if we could, we’d hire some help to get rid of…Trump and his crew. But since we can’t, the special investigation must go on. So what’s happening in Trump’s circle of scammers? His former attorney Michael Cohen is expected to testify to Congress about previous misleading statements. Former NY mayor Rudy Guiliani is still out here proving that all lawyers ain’t good lawyers. And the biggest news of the week is that Roger Stone, a long-time acquaintance with a Richard Nixon tattoo, plead not guilty to facilitating the leak of damaging information about Hillary. In total, 34 people have been charged in this investigation and most of Trump’s advisers have plead indeed guilty. It’s clear that Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants all the smoke. Here’s to hoping he gets it and can save us soon.

2020 Watch

Every Howard University student and alum rejoiced when their fellow Bison Kamala Harris declared her run for the US presidency. While this is indeed another Black Girl Magic moment to celebrate, we all need to do our due diligence and make sure that she and the other candidates are not for play play. Learn more about the candidates who have expressed interest and their proposed policies here.

Jay and Meek Define “What’s Free”

The two rappers used their collective power and networks to start REFORM, an organization aimed at making changes in the criminal justice system. They’ve also got CNN’s Van Jones on board as their CEO. Classic example of the Black man can!

Around the Diaspora More than half of Venezuela’s population has roots in Africa and identifies as Mestizo or Black. Are you aware of the political unrest happening in their country? Get up to speed here and here.

Angola has joined a small, but growing trend in Africa to decriminalize same-sex relationships.

Culture that Pops Issa Rae is set to executive produce a sketch show that's created, written, and directed by Black women on HBO. 

LeBron James stepped in to help Octavia Spencer get equal pay on a new Netflix series. Maybe he really is King?

Bad Gal RiRi and Fenty Beauty still got these other makeup brands shook. Cult favorite Glossier expands its shade range at last. 'Bout time.

TV One just launched Cleo TV, a new channel aimed at women of color. Check it out with Spectrum or Comcast. More providers soon come.


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