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COVID-19: The Worst Group Project Ever

Return of the Lockdowns

The latest: 12.3M cases & 256K deaths

This week in COVID-19 news:

Are we the only ones tired & embarrassed? Nah? Ok, cool.

Because All Black Lives Matter

Last Friday was 2020’s Trans Day of Remembrance. The day was meant for us to acknowledge all of the trans lives taken violently due to intolerance & transphobia. We know that our community, specifically Black trans women are impacted by this disproportionately. Take a moment to remember the lives lost, learn more about the community’s plight, and put any (un)conscious biases in check.

Congress, What’s Good?

More programs enacted through the CARES Act are set to expire at the end of the year and while Money Makin’ Mitch did talk about diverting leftover funding from an old program to a new stimulus bill, he dismissed the Senate for the Thanksgiving holiday last week. AOC took a page out of Young Miami’s book & expressed her dislike for the continued apathy on this issue.

There will be no committee meetings or hearings this week.

Georgia Runoff Watch

Days to Remember:

  • Voter registration deadline: December 7

  • Early voting starts: December 14

  • Deadline to request an absentee ballot: December 31

  • Election Day: January 5

Hey Black women, the people are looking to you for another victory in GA. Shocking.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

More than half of the people managing Biden’s transition are women. He plans to ensure women play key roles after January 20 as well.

Some GOP Senators have finally mustered the courage to ask their peers to cooperate with the President-elect.

Meanwhile, the old president keeps suffering blows in the courts & at the state level.

Around the Diaspora

As tens of thousands of Ethiopians migrate to Sudan, their government warns those left in the Tigray region that they will be shown no mercy.

Vanessa Nakate, a climate activist from Uganda, wants to know what Biden & Harris will do about climate change.

Hurricane Iota made landfall last week, killing a reported total of 40 people across Central America.

Getting to the Money

Thank goodness for those who share their knowledge with the aim of helping others level up. Here are 8 things other than your salary that are negotiable with a (new) job. And here are 9 more things.

Buying Black

Even though many of us aren’t going anywhere with the new lockdowns, some of us still gotta look good at home. If that’s you, consider IB Designs. The brand creates handcrafted jewelry inspired by the beauty & history of the Caribbean.

Culture that Pops

This woman’s battle with fibroids led to her creating an app to help others find Black doctors.

Were you hoping the “Coming to America” sequel would be released on Amazon Prime Video this holiday season? You’ll actually have to wait until March 2021.

While Jeezy & Gucci had the world on edge during their Verzuz battle, they ultimately proved how powerful unity can be.


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