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Black History Month is Here

The Skinny on COVID

The latest in numbers: 74M total cases & 883K total deaths (+3.8M & +18K from last week) in the US.

The headlines:

  • There’s a lot of talk about Omicron being milder than Delta, but not enough about the number of deaths from Omicron exceeding those from Delta.

  • Spotify is in hot water because of misinformation & anti-vaccine sentiments shared by its most popular podcaster. Their response to the criticism? “That’s mine & Imma stick beside him.” In other words, they don’t censor.

  • Here are 7 signs that might suggest you had Omicron without even knowing so.

  • This study says that long COVID is less likely for those who are vaccinated.

Real Ones Can Relate

Ever think you need a break from social media? Us too. Whether the burnout is from creating content, uncontrollably scrolling, or both, Instagram has rolled out a feature to help with that. Learn more here.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

As Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer readies for retirement, Biden will get his shot to appoint someone to the court. As y’all might remember, he promised to nominate a Black woman to the court. Here are the women who may have a shot at getting the job.

Could Kamala Harris break the tie if all 50 Senate Republicans choose to vote against Biden’s new SCOTUS pick? Maybe.

Biden popped off on a Fox News reporter & called him a “stupid son of a bitch” for asking about inflation. He later apologized.

Congress, What’s Good?

As your elected faves return to the Hill this week, they’ve got quite a bit on their plates:

  • Preventing another government shutdown by February 18. Yes, we’re doing this again.

  • Restarting negotiations with Joe Manchin’s ass on the Build Back Better plan

  • Gearing up for a potential battle to confirm a new Supreme Court Justice

  • Plus, more

Topics of discussion in committee meetings this week:

Social Justice Round Up

After increased criticism on social media, the death of Lauren Smith-Fields has now become a criminal investigation. She died in December after a Bumble date with a white man. Police, who initially claimed Lauren’s date was a “nice guy,” previously declined to look into the incident.

Here are some of the most recent books being banned by fragile white people who still don’t know what Critical Race Theory is.

Here are some Black mommas who are out to challenge the aforementioned fragile white people who still don’t know what Critical Race Theory is.

A Pennsylvania law that sought to allow all voters to cast mail-in ballots was deemed unconstitutional, giving a temporary victory to the GOP. An appeal is on the way.

Around the Diaspora

40% of those in the Tigray region of Ethiopia are facing an extreme food shortage. If you are able, consider donating to the Tigray Action Committee or to some of the resources provided by Omna Tigray to help.

The UN & the Caribbean nations of Grenada, British Virgin Islands, Barbados, Antigua & Barbuda, and St. Lucia have all joined forces to address issues stemming from the pandemic, climate change, and other problems impacting the region.

Namibia wants to renegotiate compensation terms with Germany stemming from the 4-year genocide inflicted upon the southwest African country from 1904-1908.

Nigerians are calling for an end to an exam that tests their English language skills before they are approved to study in the UK, parts of Europe & the US. Not only are the results of the $200 test only valid for 2 years, most Nigerians speak English as their first or second language due to good ol’ colonization.

Getting to the Money

Wanna know how your faves built their brands & businesses from square one? Check out the Nicky & Moose podcast. Together, the Queens natives discuss the business savvy practices of everyone from Nipsey, Diddy, Rihanna & more.

Ever heard of ONE School? It’s a free online program that helps Black creatives build portfolios to enter the advertising world. Applications for their Spring 2022 semester are now open. Learn more & apply here.

Buying Black

You Go Natural has the silk-lined headwrap game on lock for women tired of rocking their old bonnet from high school & for the brothas who may want to go out with some type of cover on their hair, that’s not necessarily a hat or durag. They also carry products that help you preserve your hurr when you’re working out. Any of these scenarios sound like they apply to you? If so, check them out.

Culture that Pops

Bad Gal Ri Ri is doing some good around the globe for climate justice. The mogul has donated $15M to nonprofits in the Caribbean & the US committed to address inequities related to climate change.

The Philadelphia City Council loves ‘Abbott Elementary’ as much as we do. They recently passed a resolution to honor creator & Philly native Quinta Brunson for the work she’s doing to shine a light on the city’s schools & their need for funding.

Shout out to Us. Medical school enrollment for Black students was up 21% year over year in 2021.

ABC News is releasing a show about the man who was wrongfully convicted of killing civil rights leader Malcolm X this week. You tuning in to watch?


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