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2022 Midterm Propositions  & Measures for LA County

Measure A

Removal of Sheriff for cause

Prop 29

Mandates staffing and reporting requirements, ownership disclosure, and closing requirements for dialysis clinics

Prop 27

Legalizes mobile sports betting in CA (and allegedly dedicates revenue to homelessness....but how will this be validated?)

Prop 1

Provides a state constitutional right to reproductive freedom, including the right to an abortion

Prop 31

Upholds ban on flavored tobacco sales

Prop 28

Requires funding for K-12 art and music education

Measure C

Taxes marijuana sales in unincorporated LA County

Prop 30

Increases tax on personal incomes over $2M by 1.75% (money allegedly to be used on 0 emissions projects & wildfire prevention)

Prop 26

Legalizes sports betting at Indian gaming casinos and racetracks

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