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Who is Rodney Reed?

The Impeachment Inquiry is Really Real

Literally. Republicans have asked, and the Democrats answered. Last week, the House took a vote to formalize the impeachment inquiry and it passed along party lines. Up next, we can expect televised hearings, more uncooperation from the White House, and the roll out of Republicans’ plan to make sure Trump still wins 2020 even if he is impeached.

Who is Rodney Reed?

The state of Texas is getting ready to execute a Black man that many across social media believe is innocent. His name is Rodney Reed. Check out his story and what you can do to help if you too believe he doesn’t deserve to be executed.

NCAA Playing Catch Up

After much pressure and fear of being upended by California, the NCAA has finally decided to let college athletes profit off their own name, image and likeness. The announcement at the moment is mostly symbolic as specifics are still to be hashed out until as late as 2021. What the NCAA did do, however, was accept a level of accountability in ensuring that players are paid for their money making athleticism.  Surely students, professional athletes like LeBron, and politicians will keep them accountable to ensure they’re keeping it a buck at the end of the day.

Congress, What’s Good?

Hearings on the impact of immigration raids in Mississippi, empowering small businesses opened by immigrants, and access to affordable housing are all coming up this week.

2020 Watch

Beto drops out, leaving 17 candidates fighting for the title of Democratic candidate.

Elizabeth Warren’s health care plan ain’t making sense and people are starting to see that.

Bernie Sanders tells Desus and Mero why spending thousands of dollars on a pair of Jordans is not his kind of flex.

We didn’t want to say it, but like many others, Cousin Kamala is on the struggle bus. What happened?

Joe Biden was denied communion at a Catholic Church in South Carolina for his stance on abortion.

Around the Diaspora

Botswana has been leading the way when it comes to this human thing for a long time now. Who knew?

Wanna play games and photoshop images of Tanzania’s president? You may find yourself in prison for up to 7 years.

Haiti requests humanitarian aid from the US as their protesters refuse to let up.

Culture that Pops

John Witherspoon, may be gone, but his ability to make us laugh and take a moment to think is still with us.

Did you know that a Black man owns The Weather Channel? Listen to Byron Allen, comedian and media mogul, talk Black ownership and why he’s coming for Comcast’s neck on The Breakfast Club.

Trevor Noah tells Kanye that he has it all wrong with those “Black people who vote Democrat are brainwashed” rants.


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