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We're Not Buying It

Black folks understand what's happening in Palestine all too well. It's about time the US puts the question of whether we want to be Israel's forever sugar daddy up before the people. How many of us would vote yes to giving our tax dollars to Israel, knowing that they do Palestinians in ways similar to how the US has done us?

What the Health

California banned 4 food additives that are commonly found in processed foods and linked to cancer and respiratory issues. Will the FDA follow suit?

Here’s why Black women should care about their health and chemical straighteners: Women who used hair relaxers twice a year or for longer than a 5-year period had a more than 50% chance of developing uterine cancer. Relaxers are also tied to the formation of fibroids in the uterus.

Respiratory disease season is upon us. Outside of COVID, keep your eyes open for signs of the flu and RSV.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

After a visit to Israel, y’alls president pledged an additional $14B in military aid for their military to bomb Gaza. He also asked the US to give $100M in humanitarian support to those same Gazans being bombed and negotiated a deal that allowed aid waiting at the Gaza-Egypt border to enter. Who’s going to tell the POTUS that this isn’t what the girls meant when they said, “Get you a man that can do both?”

Further illustrating the US’ support for Israel, the country was the sole permanent member of the UN’s Security Council to vote ‘no’ on a resolution that would have condemned violence against all civilians and called for a pause to allow aid into Gaza. The delegate cited not having enough on-the-ground information at the time to vote yes.

Last week, the federal government highlighted tech hubs in 31 states and Puerto Rico. The hubs will receive government support to spark innovation and spur job creation.

Congress, What’s Good?

Another week (this makes 3), another speakerless House. Trump fanboy Jim Jordan did not gather the votes needed after losing 3 voting rounds. Following the last attempt, Republicans voted to remove him as the party’s nominee. Keep your eyes peeled for another crop of hopefuls to emerge next week.

WIthout a speaker, the House (and therefore Congress) is unable to move forward with spending bills, like the one Biden’s requesting to give more military aid to Ukraine and Israel. They are also unable to do the work needed to avert the government shutdown coming in 26 days.

In the Senate, the GOP did attempt to ban any and all humanitarian aid going into Gaza, but Bernie Sanders squashed that. We will see what they do next with Joe’s request for $100M.

This week in committee meetings:

Looking to 2024

It should come as no surprise to anyone, but Trump is still dominating the Republican field of candidates. A recent survey shows 45 has 59% support among Republicans. Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis are both tied for 2nd place with 8% support each.

While Biden’s unwavering support for Israel has some people seeing him in a more positive light, many far-left and Muslim American voters vow to never cast another ballot for him again.

We wonder if the new #NeverBiden folks on the left will decide to sit 2024 out altogether or vote for Cornel West instead?

Speaking of Mr. West, he recently accepted and returned a $3K donation from Clarence Thomas benefactor Harlan Crow. Apparently West and Crow have been acquaintances for a while now and West was going to keep the money before the criticism started to roll in.

Social Justice Round Up

Why have so many Black people been riding for Palestine? The history goes way back, but the short answer is we recognize oppression when we see it.

Hate crimes tied to Islamophobia and anti-Semitism are on the rise across the country.

If we let some criminal justice reform advocates tell it, California’s prison reform strategy ain’t doing what it needs to do.

Around the Diaspora

Demonstrations in Somalia, South Africa and Nigeria have popped up in solidarity with Palestinians.

Uganda wants to ban used clothing that’s imported from the US and Europe.

This Nollywood thriller about justice is doing numbers on Netflix.

Getting to the Money

Check out this list of 700+ startups that are hiring remotely. We’ve shared this link before, but it has since been updated.

Culture that Pops

Diddy went back to Howard University for homecoming and dropped off a $1M donation.

Black makeup guru Pat McGrath is teaming up with Google on an AR makeup experience.

Hey Christmas lovers, here’s a list of Black Christmas films being released this year. We personally feel it’s a bit early to be in the Christmas spirit, but we’re gonna let y’all rock.

Remember the elderly woman in South Carolina that Tyler Perry stepped in to help after developers threatened to take her property? Tyler is now preparing to build her a new home.


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