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Wanna Hear a Joke?

"Joe Manchin." That's the joke. Scroll down to see why this time.

Doomsday for Democrats. Wanna Hear a Joke.

The Skinny on COVID

The latest in numbers: 89M total cases & 1M total deaths (+910K & +3K from last week) in the US.

The headlines:

988 in Case of Emergency

Some weeks back, we mentioned a hotline for suicide prevention was coming. It’s now live as of this past weekend. Here’s what to know about dialing 988.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Joe Biden traveled to the Middle East and ended the trip with mixed results. Perhaps what he gained the most criticism for was greeting the Saudi Crown Prince like they were bros who went way back.

Jill Biden is under fire for saying the Latinx community is as unique as breakfast tacos. Girl, what?

Kamala Harris will be speak on abortion rights at the NAACP’s 113th Annual Convention.

Congress, What’s Good?

Democrats and Republicans in the House worked together to pass a bill that would create an Amber Alert-like public notification system for active shooter incidents. Feels like we been shoulda had one of these, but okay. Now it goes to the Senate where it might actually have a chance of survival after the recent mass shootings we’ve seen this spring/summer.

The House also voted to codify abortion rights and to prohibit prosecution for anyone who travels across state lines to obtain an abortion. As we all know, neither of those bills have a chance of making it past the Senate.

Last week was another “Never mind. JK!” moment from Joe Manchin. The WV Senator announced he would not be supporting provisions for climate action or taxing the wealthy in the latest iteration of Biden’s Build Back Better legislation, allegedly due to inflation. The painfully funny part is that the specific versions in the current legislation were crafted with his input after he rejected the bill in December. Raise your hand if you feel like this 50-50 split in the Senate is a whole lie?

Conversations popping off in committee meetings this week:

Election Watch: 2022 Midterms

Maryland, y’all next. Your primary is tomorrow and all registered voters are free to participate. Refresh your memory on how to vote in your state right quick.

With 102 out of 120 laws passed since the last presidential election, the GOP has worked hard to elevate and/or create new crimes around voting, assisting voters, or working at a polling place.

Another week, another (contradictory) poll. A recent NYT survey showed that Biden’s extra low approval rate doesn’t 100% mean Democrats will lose their majorities in Congress. At this point y’all…just vote and the outcome will be the outcome. These polls be saying everything & nothing all at once. We still remember all those 2016 polls that predicted Donnie would lose.

Georgia Democrats are out-fundraising their Republican opponents, but does that mean they’ll win? Senator Raphael Warnock raised $17M in the last 3 months. His challenger, Herschel Walker raised $6M during that same period.

Social Justice Round Up

The white supremacist & domestic terrorist responsible for the Buffalo shooting has been indicted on 27 federal charges. This is in addition to the 20 charges he faces at the state level.

Texas’ Attorney General sues Biden over his recent executive order that legalizes life-saving abortions at the federal level. These people really believe their God wants them to love embryos and fetuses more than they love people living on earth. That’s wild.

California took a page out of Texas’ book with its new gun safety bill. Modeled after the Lone Star State’s abortion ban, Cali will allow civilians to sue gun manufacturers whose products have caused harm.

Around the Diaspora

Did you know the first recorded account of anyone surfing goes back to 1640 & the surfers were African? Today, Africans and others across the Diaspora are working to reclaim what’s theirs/ours.

Activists in Belize received the necessary number of signatures on a petition aimed at decriminalizing marijuana. Now they just need a lil $5M to run an information campaign prior to a potential vote in September.

Cayman Air hopes for a big tourism boost with their new offering of nonstop flights from LAX to their Caribbean shores. The airline will start flying the new route once weekly on November 5.

Getting to the Money

Looking for remote roles across program management, brand marketing, financial operations & more? Check out PRO Unlimited’s job opportunities. The agency hires contract & full-time employees for companies all over.

Buying Black

We love love love when we find a Black-owned brand making everyday items. This week, our Black business highlight of choice is Mersi Cookware & they make…you guessed it…pots & pans. Since nobody cooks like we do, we should expect these pots to be top tier, right? Right???

Culture that Pops

“Urban gardeners” are helping Black New Orleanians build food independence by building their own gardens.

Chance the Rapper & Vic Mensa take high schoolers on a trip to Ghana.

Abbott Elementary fans rejoice! Quinta Brunson and crew have cleaned up with 7 Emmy nominations.


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