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Trump Trends Again

Say something kind about Trump's mugshot. We dare you.

We Been Weary

Sadly, yet unsurprisingly a white supremacist went on a racially motivated rampage and took the lives of 3 Black people at a Dollar General in Jacksonville, FL. Post-racial society where?

Our prayers go out to the victim's families, Jacksonville's Black community, and to our community as a whole.

What the Health

Morris Brown College took it back to the days of mask mandates with the news of increased COVID cases.

It’s something in the water, y'all. Literally. Public health experts in Florida are asking residents and visitors to be careful entering seawater in the Tampa area due to a flesh-eating bacteria and officials in Vegas are investigating cases of Legionnaires’ disease.

Black vets still struggle to get access to the mental health care they need.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

With COVID rates increasing, the POTUS wants to request additional funding for a new vaccine.

Has Kamala Harris gotten more unwarranted media scrutiny than other VPs before her? She’s letting it be known that she notices a difference.

Joe ticked off Russian leadership after suggesting Putin was behind yet another mysterious death of someone who dared to challenge him.

Congress, What’s Good?

Don’t let them being quiet during the August recess fool you. House leader Kevin McCarthy and some House Republicans are still on the impeachment train. We hope they’re ready to avoid that government shutdown like they’re ready to get Biden out of the White House.

Meanwhile, Dems are again seeking more voter protections in light of today being the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington. We also hope they’re ready to work—on this and more—once the recess is over.

Reminder: Committee meetings will be back next week.

Looking to 2024

Last year’s Inflation Reduction Act and the efforts to fight against junk fees have congressional Democrats popping their collars. They hope highlighting these issues will help them maintain and obtain majorities in 2024. Will the laws age well enough (aka produce enough economic benefits) to make voters take the bait?

If it’s one thing Trump can do, he can con his supporters into giving him more money. Since the release of THE mugshot, he’s raised another $7M.

Also, Donnie done jumped back on Twitter. Give us a second to mourn the peace we grew accustomed to after he was banned in 2021. Damn, Elon.

The first GOP debate for the 2020 campaign was last week. Peep who were the winners and losers and peep how they talked about race without talking about race as well.

Social Justice Round Up

Wanna know how America is progressing? Take a look at how much equality Black women overall (not just the successful ones) have obtained over the years.

In a nation where school closures are becoming more common, Black and brown kids carry the burden.

Around the Diaspora

A recent study found that Nigerians spend about 60% of their income on food, more than people in other parts of the world.

Black Brazilians are hitting the pavement after an elderly community activist was killed in her home. They want an end to police violence and other forms of state-sanctioned violence.

Fashion designers in Zimbabwe are saving the planet by adopting sustainable practices.

Getting to the Money

Bringing in extra cash is never a bad thing. Here are some random hustles that might give you inspiration for your next side gig. Yes, selling feet pictures on Only Fans is included. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it…maybe??

Buying Black

Our community’s increased focus on being our best selves really is a beautiful thing. Here are 7 Black owned brands focused on wellness to help us keep it going. Let’s wrap up the summer and go into the fall feeling goodt!

Culture that Pops

We mentioned above that today was the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington. You can watch the commemoration via livestream here.

Don’t call it a comeback: Sha’Carri Richardson shut the haters up at last week’s World Championships in Budapest.

Lauryn Hill released “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” 25 years ago. Here are some facts that you may not have known about one of Hip Hop’s most iconic albums.


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