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The Time Has Come

The Table is Set

The Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court last week, solidifying a 6-to-3 conservative slant on the court for decades to come. The timing of it all is too perfect for Republicans, especially if Trump loses and decides to contest the election results. Why do we say that? Because 3 current justices had a hand in turning over the extremely close and extremely tense 2000 election to George W. Bush. Remember when it all came down to just a couple counties in Florida? Well Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and the new Justice Barrett each had a hand in that. We couldn’t have made this up if we tried. The GOP has really been out here playing chess.

And to be clear, Trump’s Election Night and post-election strategy is to challenge, challenge, challenge. Our lives after tomorrow night are gonna get real…interesting.

Fauci is Over It

With the presidential election heating up, it may be hard to forget that we’re also doing a very poor job of combatting the pandemic. Things are so bad that we’ve set a new record for the worst day of new COVID-19 cases and experts say that we’re only in the beginning. We are now over 230K deaths in the U.S. alone.

Frustrated with the direction the country is moving in and with 45’s lack of leadership, Dr. Fauci, is done with the games and gave his opinion straight in a recent interview. Trump, preferring loyalty over the truth is hinting at firing him for it after the election. Stand back & stand by to see if it actually happens.

Congress, What’s Good?

Mitch McConnell has made his and the GOPs’ mission clear. They will keep holding out on a new stimulus package until sometime next year, but they will continue nominating judges until the wheels fall off. Yep, even if Trump loses the election.

BTW, if you’re looking for a committee meeting to feel like our federally elected officials are actually working on something the people care about, there are none this week. Use this time to take a break from the stress the election will undoubtedly cause us all.

2020 Watch

Tomorrow is the last day voters will be able to hit the polls, but it may not be the day we know the results of the election. Set your expectations accordingly.

Black voters in Philly are out to cause problems for 45.

If you haven’t voted yet, please be safe out there. There are some folks out there who really do not want your voice to be heard. The police are among them.

Around the Diaspora

Nigerian officials are having a hard time saying out who’s responsible for the Lekki Toll Gate massacre in which its army fired on peaceful protesters and left up to 12 dead. They are able, however, to say that they should start regulating social media to fact check “fake news and hate speech.” Something ain’t adding up.

Zimbabwe just passed a law that criminalizes anti-government protests.

Guyana wants to end gender-based violence and the EU is willing to help with a $1B donation.

Getting to the Money

Interested in commercial real estate? This father-daughter duo wants to help you start or advance your career in the field. Join their BLEU Print mentorship & masterclass program to learn how they started the premier minority-owned firm for commercial real estate in Texas.

If the ad world is your thing, McCann Worldgroup is firing up their recruiting efforts across all of their agencies. No agency experience? No problem.

The Impact America Fund is a $55M venture capital fund raised solely by a Black woman general partner. The fund aims to be a resource to people of color who desire to start their own businesses and participate in the economy on their own terms. 80% of the companies they’ve funded have been led by POC. 70% have been Black-led. If you’ve got an idea, but need money to get it off the ground, tap in.

Buying Black

Regular soap is so overrated if you let Terra-Tory tell it. Terra-Tory creates hypoallergenic skincare to nourish all skin types and help treat conditions like eczema and hyperpigmentation. Using the tried & true superfoods of the ancestors to create their soap, they guarantee a product that is 100% natural & 0% bullshit. Give ‘em a shot.

Culture that Pops

In case you needed something else to distract you while WFH, Chappelle’s Show is now streaming on Netflix. You’re welcome.

This Detroit businessman turned his semi truck into a bowling alley on wheels. Our creativity stays on 100 & we love to see it.

This Black contractor won the job for removing Confederate statues in Richmond, Virginia and he’s sidestepping mad racists to do it.


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