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The ☕️ on the Latest Jobs Report

A Closer Look @ those Unemployment Numbers

You’re probably hearing a lot from the White House about the great jobs numbers we saw for the month of August. While the country did add 1.4M jobs last month, 13% of those were temporary gigs for Census workers. Those workers will again be out of work at the end of the month when the Census stops accepting submissions. Additionally more & more people are finding that their unemployment is permanent. Additionally, there’s a racial disparity to account for. The jobless rate for Black people is at 13% compared to that of whites, which is 7.3%.

Sorry if we sound like we wanna rain on 45’s unemployment parade. Just want to y’all know more than just the headline.

Jacob Blake Speaks

In a video from his hospital bed, Blake encourages the community to cherish life and do the work to uplift our people.

Have You Taken the Census? The deadline is September 30. Now most of the time, we typically don’t like the government in our business, but there are some good reasons for why we should consider participating this year. Check out our reasons why.

Did we do a good job of convincing you? If so, head on over to to fill yours out today.

Fill in the Blank:

“__________ doesn’t care about __________.”

We all know the famous line from 2005, but the 2020 version of this statement would be: “Donald Trump doesn’t care about anybody.” Here’s some proof:

  • He’s been quoted as calling military servicemembers as “losers” and “suckers.”

  • He’s proven to be like Bush with not caring about Black people. That was on display with his trip to Kenosha, WI to support their racist ass police department and push his “law and order” agenda.

  • Actually add all non-white people to the list too. He wants to ban diversity training because he’s tired of hearing about white privilege.

  • He doesn’t even care about his supporters. He suggested they try to vote twice—by mail and in person—to make sure their voters were counted. That’s illegal BTW.

Congress, What’s Good?

The Senate is coming back today, while the House savors the last bit of their summer break. Picking up where they left off, the upper chamber will be discussing a $500M “skinny” stimulus bill. Most of the major negotiation points (liability protection, funding for USPS, PPP, etc.) will be included with the possible exception of the biggest thing: stimulus checks. Full details soon come.

Slowly picking up the pace as their recess comes to an end, here are a few things Congress will focus on this week:

2020 Watch

Trump’s reelection bag is suddenly very low. It’s extremely rare for a sitting president to be in this position, bu here we are.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden & Kamala Harris have 365 Ms in their bank account after the DNC.

Some forecasters believe the Electoral College favors 4 more years of Trump.

Old Navy will pay up to 50K of its workers to work at the polls on Election Day.

Around the Diaspora

Everywhere they are, Black women are doing the damn thing. In Kenya, Black women are leading the movement against police brutality.

Kenya is also facing pressure from the U.S. oil industry to open up their land for plastic to be dumped on. Let’s pray Kenya responds with that “You got us f’d up” type of energy.

Zimbabwe flip flops again. The country is now telling white farmers (whose land was originally confiscated in an effort to correct the wrongs of colonialism) that they cannot be paid for the land, so they can reapply to get the land back.

Starting today, Jamaica will be on an 8pm to 5am curfew to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

Getting to the Money

Looking for a new gig? Check out these Creative AF Careers from the CCNYC.

If you’re into (or wanna get into) investing, check out Dough, a Black-owned investing platform.

Black Business Highlight

Whether your #hairgoal is a luscious beard that connects or healthier, longer tresses, Reign says their all-natural hair care products have the right formula for you.

Culture that Pops

Pioneering sci-fi writer Octavia Butler, made the New York Times Bestsellers list for the first time. Butler, who passed away in 2006, published her first novel nearly 50 years ago and claimed in 1988 that one day her work would make it onto the list.

Diddy is opening yet another school, this time in the Bronx. Starting today, 200 6th and 7th grade students will begin remote learning. Once at full capacity, the school will accommodate students up to the 12th grade.

Usher announced his upcoming residency in Las Vegas. Will you be there? He’ll be performing a total of 13 dates in the months of July and December collectively.


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