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Reasonable Versus Necessary

Reasonable v. Necessary: Stephon Clark’s Law

The Golden State passed a law that should make all of us feel more comfortable when dealing with the theory at least. Governor Gavin Newsome signed AB392, born out of the outrage over the killing of Stephon Clark. The new law attempts to make a distinction between reasonable and necessary force. Today, an officer can use reasonable (aka oftentimes unnecessary) force as long as they act within the law. Under AB392, officers must only use deadly force when necessary (the definition of which will be up to the courts to decide) and they cannot fire on a fleeing suspect. Prosecutors of deadly encounters will also be able consider the actions of the both the police and the victims leading up to the moment of force. Proponents of the bill believe it has been watered down to appease opposing law enforcement lobbyists, but still hope that an emphasis on non-lethal practices will have a significant impact on race-relations between communities of color and the police. The law will become effective in January 2020.

No One Elector Should Have All That Power

Stemming from a 2016 case in Colorado, a federal appeals court ruled that Electoral College voters could vote for whichever presidential candidate they please, regardless of who wins their state’s popular vote. This means just one person could decide a national election for all 327 million people in the US if there were a tie in the number of electoral college votes in 2020. This call comes as an additional hurdle to progressives who seek to do away with the Electoral College completely.

Run Us Our Money

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, highlighting the fact that Black women have to work for 20 months to make what a white man earns in 12, may have come and gone, but it doesn’t mean the movement has to stop once the IG stories expire. Whether you’re a Black woman, a Black man (brothas ain’t that far ahead of sistas), or simply just not a white man, here are ways to make sure your price keeps going up.

2020 Tings

How many times is Kamala going to change her mind on healthcare?

Strong climate advocate Jay Inslee drops out of the race...

...but Bernie wants to fill the void with his $16.3 trillion climate plan. Maybe the end of the world isn’t as near as it seems.

45 has found a new Republican challenger in former Illinois representative Joe Walsh.

Around the Diaspora

We’re sure you know the Amazon rainforest is burning this year at a faster pace, largely due to corporate and governmental deforestation efforts. Take your concern and put it into action in these ways.

Speaking of a pay gap, there’s a $42 billion funding gap between African male and female entrepreneurs. The UK seeks to give extra aid, specifically to help nearly 10,000 women break down barriers with their businesses.

Prayers up: Tropical Storm Dorian is expected to reach hurricane strength as it moves toward the Caribbean. It is expected to make landfall in Barbados, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent as soon as Tuesday.

Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados jointly sign an energy bill that may develop oil or gas within the countries’ shared waters.

Culture that Pops

Shaun King will be honored by Rihanna at her annual Diamond Ball and some of Black Twitter is asking her to give it a second thought.

Finally! Black Panther 2 has a May 2022 release date. Also, Pixar will is creating a jazz-inspired animated film and it will star heavyweights Jamie Foxx and Phylicia Rashad.

Forever POTUS and FLOTUS had their first Netflix release and they’re not scared to say how they really feel about today’s political climate.


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