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Real World: Presidential Edition

Real World: Presidential Edition

So much news surrounds Donald Trump in a week that it’s often difficult to keep up or to believe that it's on CNN and not VH1. Here’s our take on the past week.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and soon-to-be prison inmate testified before the House about his previous misleading statements and reiterated much of what much of the nation already believes: the POTUS is a conman and a racist. Some Republican senators didn’t quite agree with that narrative and then it got awkward. Cohen was pretty detailed in his discussion, so the Democrats will certainly consider his testimony as more reason to continue their investigations into the president’s business dealings and taxes.

Speaking of the House, they rejected 45’s national emergency declaration for border wall funding and it is expected that the Senate will do the same (That is…if certain Republican Senators don’t punk out. Hey Susan Collins). If all goes according to plan, this will likely be first time Trump will veto a decision made by Congress in his 2 years in office.

Lastly, Trump and Kim Jong Un held their second summit in Vietnam this past week and the meeting was a flop. Ending with no clear plan for denuclearization, Trump claimed that North Korea wanted sanctions lifted in their entirety. The US State Department, however, determined that was a lie and confirmed that the struggling nation only asked for US support in lifting sanctions imposed since 2016, amounting to about half of the total number of sanctions. Also, sources are claiming that North Korean hackers targeted hundreds of US and ally businesses online while the two leaders met. Looks like Donnie got flewed out for nothing and played all at once. Tough week.

Man Power vs. Gun Power

The House is so active, they passed 2 gun control laws this week. One bill extends the time allowed for FBI background checks to 10 days before giving an interested gun buyer the green light to purchase. Previously, a buyer could return to a gun dealer and buy a gun if their background check was not completed in 3 days. It is this specific loophole that lead to the mass shooting at Charleston’s Mother Emanuel AME Church in 2015. The House also voted to pass a bill that would require universal background checks for all gun purchases and transfers, including transactions made at gun shows and online. The passage of this bill was the first major gun control law to pass since 1994.

We all passed our Government class in high school though, so we know where these bills are headed next. Yep, the Senate. Largely known as the “thoughts and prayers” party, it is not expected that these bills will get very far, but we can always hold out hope that a few rogue Republicans will realize that a bullet knows no political party and vote yes.

More Blood on the Leaves

It has been announced that the police officers responsible for the 2018 death of unarmed Stephon Clark will face no charges from the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office. Releasing a website and a 40-page report detailing how they came to their conclusion, it appears the DA expected the community would understand. W The community actually responded with a "nope" and protests have erupted in the California capitol since while activists are once again expressing their disappointment. Needless to say, we are tired, but not surprised.

Want to know how to help or get more updates from the ground? Follow @BLMSacramento on Twitter.

All Eyes on 2020

If Killmonger turned to the Republicans and asked “Is this your King?!,” looks like they would all say yes again. There are still no major ‘bout it, ‘bout it Republican newcomers in the 2020 race, so the focus remains mostly on the busy Democratic field.

87 weeks remain between today and the next presidential election, but it’s already dramatic. Are you out of the loop? You don’t have to be. Get your fix here.

Around the Diaspora…

The results are in and Nigeria’s president Buhari was reelected. Problem is, his opponent doesn’t think so.

Venezuela’s government is still acting out and is facing increasing international scrutiny. The opposition leader is hoping to return to the South American nation to help restore order but, will he be let back in?

Trinidad Carnival a.k.a. the world’s best street party, is happening tomorrow. Despite being the largest Caribbean carnival and a revenue booster for the island nation, some can’t help but wonder if the festival has gotten too far from its religious roots.

Culture that Pops…

Queen Latifah is investing $14M into affordable housing in her hometown of Newark.

What’s a Water Box? It’s a mobile water filtration system that Jaden Smith teamed up with a local church to bring to Flint.

Have y’all been able to remember your Black Planet usernames and passwords yet? Everyone’s been trying to do so since Solange revived the OG site as part of the release of her new album.

GIPHY partnered with Black artists release a collection of Blackity, Black, Black GIFs. Your text messages, DMs, and InstaStories just leveled up. You’re welcome.


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