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Questions That Need Answers

A few questions we have this week: How do y'all feel about COVID 4 years later? Can Congress really "ban" TikTok? Is this Black Twitter documentary FUBU or FEEBU (for everybody else, by us)?? Why won't y'all president cut Israel off already?

What the Health

When it comes to us and healthcare, hearing “I don’t see color” from a medical professional can be fatal.


The pandemic (...for those who believe in COVID, of course) was officially declared 4 years ago. What have we learned since 2020 and how does that affect who we are today?


Try adding yoga to your workout routine the next time you’re feeling down.


Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Hot topics from Joe’s State of the Union address: abortion, the border crisis, and proving to voters why he’s the 1 and not the 2.


Another interesting tidbit from the SOTU: Yall’s president wants to build a temporary port in Gaza to facilitate easier drop offs of humanitarian aid. We wonder how much cheaper and quicker it would be if he just stopped sending bombs to Israel and let aid enter Gaza by ground.


Yesterday, the POTUS released his budget for 2025. Within it are proposals for national paid family leave, a return of the child tax credit, and savings on health care. The budget would also allegedly cut the deficit by $3T over time through adjustments to 45’s tax cuts for the wealthy. Probably with the exception of the clause to increase military spending, this proposed budget is every Republican’s worst nightmare. 


Congress, What’s Good

Partial government shutdown averted. Now we can all chill until March 22. Whew, our government is truly the best.



Looking to 2024

It’s Tuesday again, which means some of y’all are voting today. Georgia, Mississippi, Washington & Hawaii: get ready.


And then there was one. Nikki Haley’s officially out of the race, leaving Donnie as the last standing Republican nominee. Is that good news for Trump or better news for Biden?


Is Kamala Harris doing a better job of reaching voters on the topics of Gaza and abortion than the POTUS?


California’s Senate race will be between two white men: Adam Schiff, who led impeachment efforts against Donnie the first time, and Steve Garvey, a former Dodgers player. How exciting.


Social Justice Round Up

NY’s governor Kathy Hochul has asked for increased police and National Guard presence in NYC’s subways. If crime is down, why is this even necessary?


As if it needed any more reason to be considered the “prison capital of the world,” Louisiana’s found more ways to secure its status. Gov. Landry is expected to sign a package that would end the possibility of parole for new convictions, mandate prisoners complete more of their sentence before being eligible for parole (now 85%), and reduce the number of avenues one can take to overturn wrongful convictions. 


Oregon lawmakers have voted to recriminalize hard drugs, making the possession of small amounts of fentanyl or cocaine illegal.


Around the Diaspora

In the midst of increased violence, Haiti’s prime minister has resigned. What's next for the country remains unclear.


With the start of Ramadan came hopes for a ceasefire in Sudan. Unfortunately, those hopes quickly faded and the violence continues to create what may be the world’s largest hunger crisis.


If passed, a new bill in Ghana would ban LGBTQ+ identity and allyship. That means the use or even discussion of products/people that have expressed support of the queer community would be banned. What would be outlawed under this new law? Think Toyota, FIFA, half-Ghanaian actor Idris Elba, and even news articles calling for increased tolerance.


Getting to the Money

If you’re a woman ready to take her business to the next level or if you know a woman who’s ready, check out these 40 small business grants for women-owned businesses. 


Culture that Pops

Podcast and financial education platform Earn Your Leisure is teaching da kids about financial literacy at 10 schools in the Bronx.


Meet the 76 year old who’s the owner of the only Black-woman led dispensary in Berkeley, CA. Her goal is to break the stigma and inform more elders about the benefits of cannabis use.


A new documentary about Black Twitter is coming to Hulu and Black Twitter ain’t too happy about it.


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