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Pressing Forward: COVID-19 & Trump's Ego

The Latest COVID Scoreboard

Coronavirus: 11M cases & 246K deaths. America: 0

The Rona continues to run game on us, and the White House is still doing an excellent job at mishandling the pandemic. As a result, state and local officials are taking matters into their own hands to reimpose lockdowns and strongly discourage holiday travel. Now more widespread than in previous surges, please consider extra precautions & implore your loved ones to do the same.

Oh yeah. Texas & California each crossed the 1M mark for Coronavirus cases last week.

Obamacare in the SCOTUS

Republicans are still mad about everything Barack Obama did, so they took the Affordable Care Act back down to the Supreme Court in an attempt to get the law thrown out. Again. While a decision hasn’t been made yet, it looks like that 6-3 conservative majority won’t do the GOP any favors in the case. Fingers crossed that the law comes out triumphant again. We are, after all, in the middle of a pandemic.

Florida’s Middle Finger to Black Lives Matter

Florida keeps giving us reasons to really not f*ck with them. Remember those racist “Stand Your Ground” laws that only seemed to work for white people? Well, Governor Ron DeSantis recently proposed legislation that would expand the reasons (white) citizens can lawfully claim self-defense. Those new reasons include witnessing:

  • Others engaging in activities that result in the impairment or interruption of a business

  • A burglary occurring within 500 feet of a “violent or disorderly assembly” (a.k.a. looting @ a protest)

The bill would also take state funding from cities who decrease their police budgets and protect drivers who “accidentally” kill or injure protesters blocking traffic. The bill is only in the draft stage, but elected officials in Florida’s Republican-leaning state legislature appear interested in seeing the final draft.

Congress, What’s Good?

With each passing week, the prospect of Congress agreeing on a stimulus package anytime soon gets slimmer & slimmer. Dems & Republicans are again deadlocked on a deal. At the moment, nearly $2T stands in the way.

This week’s committee meeting topics include:

Georgia Watch

If you live in Georgia, the fight for Senate control has landed in your state’s lap. December 7 is the voter registration deadline for the January 5 runoff elections. Make sure you alert any 17-year-olds you know who’ll be 18 by election day. Tell your wannabe hotep cousins who sat out from the general election too.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Donald Trump finally acknowledged his election L, but still vows to fight. Most of his election challenges have fallen flat in court, so he’s standing on the only thing left that’s strong enough to hold him up: his ego.

After a presidential election is called, there are a number of activities that happen to help the incoming administration make a smooth transition in January. The fact that it’s not happening between 45 and 46 has huge national security and COVID-19 implications.

Joe Biden released details about his COVID-19 task force and guess what? One of the co-chairs is a Black woman: Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith.

Around the Diaspora

A state of emergency, airstrikes, and the shutdown of phone and internet communication in the northern region. The fighting between Ethiopia’s federal government and its northern Tigray region is heating up and bound to cause a humanitarian crisis.

The #EndSARS protests might have slowed down, but the youth still want their message to be felt. Some are now calling for the boycott of a bank that froze protesters accounts during the height of the demonstrations.

If your annual salary is $99,999.99 or less, the Cayman Islands ain't really tryna mess with you like that.

Getting to the Money

Black Film Space is holding a panel on November 21 for those aspiring to create their own web series. Featuring Emmy-nominated creatives, the event will teach attendees about developing a successful series, building an audience, and managing project funding. This your lane? RSVP here.

The Young Money Podcast, started by the managing director & founder of the Berknell Group, discusses personal finance, capital markets, and gives you the tools to go get the bag yourself. If this is the type of energy you’re on, you can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, & Soundcloud.

Buying Black

The weather’s cooling down and hoodie season is upon us. Protect your fresh braid out, waves, or blow out with Kin Apparel’s satin-lined hoodies. Your hair will thank us later.

Culture that Pops

If you need a lil Black Love inspiration in your life, Forever President Barack Obama recently opened up about how his marriage struggled, but ultimately prevailed, during his time as POTUS.

Yeah, we know you’re waiting on the TV adaptation of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me to drop too. Here’s the trailer to hold you over until November 21.

While mourning the loss of Alex Trebek, Jeopardy enthusiasts are wondering who their new host could possibly be. Levar Burton—yes, “Reading Rainbow” Levar—has emerged as a fan favorite.


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