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Persistence is Key

The Skinny on COVID

The latest in numbers: 47M total cases & 762K deaths (+563K & +8K from last week) in the US.

The headlines:

It’s Settled

Literally, but only partially. The victims of the Flint Water Crisis will receive a sum of $626M from the State of Michigan, the City of Flint & 2 other defendants for their role in the crisis. It sounds like a hefty sum until you realize there are tens of thousands of claimants eligible to receive compensation. Not all defendants in the crisis are involved in this particular settlement, though. That means there could (and SHOULD) be additional money coming peoples’ way for the long-term health issues they now have to manage.

Check out the breakdown of who is eligible for how much here.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Folks are blaming Biden for the high inflation, largely driven by higher gas prices, but what exactly can he do about it? Don’t get your hopes up.

Say what, now? Kamala Harris doesn’t think Democrats need a new plan, even after their election losses a couple weeks ago.

After promising to end drilling on federal land during the campaign trail & committing to help solve the climate crisis, a court is ordering the Biden administration to hold an auction for drilling rights in the Gulf of Mexico.

Congress, What’s Good?

Congress was out last week, so getting Biden’s $2T spending plan through the House is on this week’s “Might Do” list. From there, it’ll go to the Senate where...LOL..they’ll try to get Manchin & Sinema on board for the 853,672,491st time.

In other news, 45’s BFF Steve Bannon was charged with 2 counts of Contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with legislators’ investigation of the Capitol Riot.

Discussion topics in this week’s committee meetings:

Social Justice Round Up

Students at Howard have now been protesting shitty housing conditions for over a month. The University & Claire Huxtable still think it’s a game.

If Kyle Rittenhouse has one fan in the world, it’s the judge in his murder trial. Kyle will be going home with a sticker & a lollipop if the judge has it his way.

According to a defense attorney, the mere presence of Black pastors is “intimidating” in the trial of the white murderers who killed Ahmaud Arbery. The lawyer eventually apologized, but there’s no forgiving racists who attempt to use their fragility & skin to defend & sway the outcome of a clear case of murder.

Do New Yorkers know they elected a cop as their new mayor? Mayor-elect Eric Adams wants to bring back a unit of plainclothes officers. The police unit, disbanded in June of 2020, was known to disproportionately target Black & Brown communities.

Oklahoma is preparing to execute Julius Jones this week, despite strong evidence proving his innocence & despite flaws with how they carry out death sentences (which are already-flawed tbh). To learn more about Julius’s story & to see how you can help leading up to Thursday, check out the Justice for Julius movement.

Around the Diaspora

Benin is blazing trails when it comes to reducing textile waste.

Protests in Cuba ain’t over. Fed-up citizens are hitting the streets in demonstrations across the island today.

Traveling to Grenada anytime soon? They just removed their quarantine requirement for international travelers.

Getting to the Money

RocNation is hosting a job fair this Thursday for New Yorkers. Need help with your resume, with looking presentable or getting your record expunged? You can do these things on top of meeting with recruiters from top companies like Vice, Amazon, & Live Nation. Tell a friend to tell a friend in the Empire State.

Tax season is coming around, so make sure your antennas are up. The IRS just boosted federal tax brackets to keep up with inflation.

Buying Black

Whether you’re in the market for something new or just like retaining information for future reference, here are 75 Black-owned beauty brands for you to know.

Culture that Pops

A TV show about Princess Tiana? Yup. Disney is rolling out a musical series about its first Black princess. The project has a 2023 release date.

This Maryland teacher won the $1M Global Teacher Prize.

Wendy Raquel Robinson says fans skeptical of the 2nd reboot of “The Game” should give it a try because its FU, BU.


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