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Listen Up Y’all

Listen Up Y’all

Unless you’re living under a social media rock, you’ve heard the firsthand accounts of Black women retelling how they were followed or (almost) kidnapped by rideshare drivers or strange men on the street. The urgency seems to have gotten louder in the last few weeks despite the mainstream media’s silence. Don’t be fooled: Sex trafficking is happening everywhere and Black women are a target. So what can you do?

  • Remain alert, make smart decisions & protect yourself at all costs

  • Share safety tips with those in your networks

  • Fellas check on your sisters, cousins, and homegirls. Ladies, check in with your tribe.

Nobody Puts Trump in a Corner...Except Himself

Last week, the House brought in witnesses to testify in the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump. The hearings caused him so much anxiety, he couldn’t even stick to the GOP strategy, which was to turn the Twitter fingers off and not attack any of the witnesses. After sending a tweet in real-time disparaging one of the witnesses, folks are already raising questions of witness intimidation. Can he keep it together as he sits through more unfavorable hearings? How much can the Republicans shift course to defend someone who refuses to play by any rules?

Black Man against the Machine

Byron Allen, owner of The Weather Channel, is taking his racial discrimination case against Comcast to the SCOTUS. Check out why how’s this case may impact the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and why it’s important for us today.

An Update on Rodney Reed

After hearing from millions of people across the country, the governor of Texas has changed course and granted Rodney Reed a stay of execution. His stay will be indefinite, meaning he will remain in prison, and his conviction has not been overturned. His supporters have been celebrating and taking it one step further by demanding his freedom. However, some feel tricked into supporting Reed after learning of some questionable facts that weren’t shared with the masses.

Congress, What’s Good?

US-Africa relations, fighting the flu, ensuring safety with highly automated vehicles, and of course more impeachment hearings.

Oh and something to look forward to: Elijah Cummings’ wife will run for his Congressional seat.

2020 Watch

Former Massachusetts governor Devale Patrick is making a late entry into the race. He is the 4th Black candidate to run in the coming Democratic primary.

Always thinking of the people, Bernie and his bestie AOC have unleashed a Green New Deal for public housing.

If elected, Joe Biden will not be legalizing marijuana at the federal level.

Around the Diaspora

Muslims in France are fed up with the BS and have been protesting Islamophobia in the streets. This is the latest in Muslims’ complex history in French society. FYI: Did you know that roughly 75% percent of all Muslims in France are from the African continent and about 250,000 are from sub-Saharan Africa itself?

Keeping that particular colonizing country in mind, they (France) gave a sword back to Senegal that they shoulda been returned. Good for Senegal. Hopefully this is the start of a trend.

Diabetes doesn’t discriminate and unfortunately, it’s an issue throughout the Caribbean just as it is for Black people in the US. The Healthy Caribbean Coalition has an empowering and encouraging message for those in the Caribbean massive who may be dealing with diabetes.

Culture that Pops

Colin Kaepernick had a workout with the NFL scouts and people’s reactions to the event has been as polarizing as his protests. Some say he blew it and others believe he proved he still has a place in the league. What do you think?

Jay Z raised $6 million for the Shawn Carter Foundation. He and his mother started the foundation to give low-income students scholarships and study abroad opportunities. Clap for ‘em.

Who knew “Akeelah and the Bee” was the start of something so special? Actress Keke Palmer made it to TIME Magazine’s “100 Next” list and sis deserves all the praise.


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