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Keep Running, Fam.

The #RunWithMaud Isn’t Over

Last week, we all came together to show solidarity with Ahmaud Arbery’s family and to demand Georgia authorities take action. Beyond being another painful reminder that we are unsafe and unprotected in this country, the case has highlighted the importance of knowing who’s on your ballots locally. Why is that? Because most states elect their District Attorneys. Also, because the same DA who justified the actions of Arbery's murderers previously spent years threatening a Black grandmother with 15 years in prison for helping a first-time voter. Does this sound like anyone we would trust to pursue charges against those who took Ahmaud’s life? Does this sound like someone who should have been elected by a district that is over 50% Black?

Local prosecutors have more of an impact on the criminal justice system than federal authorities. Do you know who yours is, what they stand for, and when they’ll be up for reelection? It’s time we start paying attention and challenging our loved ones to do the same.

Obama Claps Back

Our Forever President called a spade a spade about the country’s poor Coronavirus response. Trump threw yet another Twitter tantrum in return. End of story.

People are Mad at Michelle Too

...but did she lie? In a promo for her recent Netflix documentary, she called out a couple groups (*AHEM* young voters and women) for not showing up to the polls in the last presidential election and in the midterms. Was she wrong, was she simply stating facts, or should she have gone further to elaborate on exactly who she was speaking of (white women)?

The Rona Hits 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

One of Trump’s valets (the person who serves his meals) and Pence’s press secretary both tested positive for COVID-19 last week. Many WH staffers are nervous to go to work, which directly contradicts 45’s statements that the country is ready to get back to business as usual. Both Trump and Pence have tested negative and are expected to be at work this week.

Congress, What’s Good? Last week, Bernie and Kamala brought forth the proposal to pay up to $2K monthly in pandemic relief. You can guess who that will go over with their Republican friends. This week, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the House will join the Senate on Capitol Hill. Here’s glimpse of what's on the agenda:

2020 Watch

Both candidates in November’s presidential election have been accused of sexual assault. What is it about this country that prevents them from having to be accountable?

Wanna hear a scary story? There’s a slim chance Republicans can take back the House.

The SCOTUS will soon determine if states can penalize “faithless” electors. An elector is supposed to give their electoral college vote to their party’s candidate if the candidate wins the popular vote in their state. A faithless elector goes against that rule to vote for someone else.

California’s registered voters will now receive ballots in the mail for November’s election. The state will join 5 others (Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and Utah) who conduct statewide mail-in voting on the regular. If you don’t live in any of the aforementioned places, be sure to check with your Secretary of State or Governor’s website to see the latest updates. Changes are being made nationwide as it becomes more apparent that the Rona requires us to make voting safer.

Around the Diaspora

As South Africa regulates the magnitude of funerals due to COVID-19, mourners rediscover old burial traditions.

Liberian presidents have developed a strange obsession for building mansions.

Trinidad & Tobago is lifting its lockdown today.

Getting to the Money

The founder of Rap Snacks created an app called Stock Boss Up that allows users to learn the stock market using up to $1M in simulated schmoney. The app is currently available for download on Apple and Google devices.

Black Business Highlight: This Black-owned construction company went from being in the red to being worth a few billions. Goals AF.

Culture that Pops

We lost 3 legends this weekend: rock and roll pioneer Little Richard, Uptown Records founder Andre Harrell, and soul singer Betty Wright.

Black bar owners in Boston are working together to save the city’s Black-owned establishments.

Meek Mill is still doing the work of the people. He and the REFORM Alliance are amplifying prison inmates’ very real Coronavirus concerns with the goal of getting prison officials to take action. The rapper also stated that they’ve helped free 30K inmates since the COVID-19 hit.


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