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It's Getting Hot in Herre

Barr + Congress = A Hot Mess

Attorney General William Barr is spinning a tangled web for himself after his testimony to Congress last week. There was a lot of bobbing and weaving happening with his answers, but Barr’s lack of clear communication still managed to speak volumes. Highlight of the day? Barr knew that Robert Mueller was not pleased with his publicized summary of the investigation and still testified that to Congress that he was unaware of members on the Special Counsel’s team disagreeing with his interpretation. Super awkward. Likely not trying relive that uncomfortable moment again, Barr was a no-show for his second day of testimony, citing a dispute over who’d be doing the questioning. What’s more, Barr and the Justice Department are blatantly ignoring a subpoena for the full unredacted report from Mueller, so possible contempt proceedings soon come. Now Democrats have their eyes set on getting Mueller himself to testify by mid-May and you know the President’s Twitter fingers are going off.

Stay tuned for more to come in next week’s episode of The Real World: Trump’s Presidency.

But Congress, What Are You DOING Doing?

With all of the drama going on, it’s easy to forget that Congress has an actual job that does not involve pressing the President about his questionable business affairs. A few of the things on the docket for the House this week include establishing an office to ensure the internet is accessible to all, reaffirming the reservation of a Native American tribe, and protecting citizens with preexisting medical conditions. Let’s not get too caught up in the media circus involving 45 that we lose sight of what’s happening when the news cameras aren’t rolling.

Chipping Away at Florida’s Prop 4

The passage of Prop 4 in Florida garnered much praise last November, but the measure to restore voting rights to felons is being molded on the low to fit the desires of the state’s conservative majority. Republican state lawmakers passed an amendment last week stating that felons seeking to vote must first pay all restitution and any fees or fines determined by the court. Everything must be paid in full in order for their financial obligations to be considered complete. If this feels like you’re reading about a Jim Crow-era poll tax, critics of the move say that’s because it’s basically the same thing. The measure has been sent to Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis who is expected to sign the measure into law.

2020 Happenings

Kamala Harris on 45 calling her nasty on two separate occasions last week: “My primary interest is to pursue justice. You can call that whatever name you want, but I think that's what the American people want in a leader.”

As Pete Buttigieg breaks away from the class of underdogs and finds his name mentioned more with the established candidates, he acknowledges that work must be done to appeal to Black voters.

Will Trump easily give up power if he loses in 2020? Nancy Pelosi doesn’t think so.

Around the Diaspora

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and its member states push the U.S. for continued duty-free market access past December 2019.

South Africa is set to hold a nationwide election on Wednesday May 8. Here are their three major candidates. Which of them seem best to carry the country forward now that they are 25 years beyond Apartheid?

Venezuela is still in a state of turmoil and the U.S. is ready to get current president Nicolas Maduro all the way out of there. Meanwhile, Russia is sending warning shots, asking that the U.S. stay on the sidelines.

Culture that Pops

Philando Castile’s mother donated $8K to clear school lunch debts of graduating seniors in Minnesota.

One of the Jena 6 recently became a lawyer and is prepared to tackle the very system that tried to tear him down.

Beyonce wasn’t lying when she said she can upgrade you. Adidas is seeing a jump in performance and their partnership with the Queen Bey is only expected to further catapult their numbers in the next quarter.


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