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It's About to Go Down

In the Past Week...

...the nation’s 3 largest cities have all gone on lockdown, New York City is the new epicenter (you can kinda relax now, Washington state), and we’ve had more moments to smh at Donald Trump than we’d like. Also, Trump has dispatched the National Guard to New York state, Washington state, and California to “help respond” to the Coronavirus outbreak. Things could get realer than they already are very quickly.

Also, if you’re not tired of hearing about the novel coronavirus yet and want to track its progression across the world, check out this site created by a 17-year-old.

If you haven’t filed your taxes yet…

You just got an extension on the deadline. Tax Day has now moved from April 15 to July 15.

Congress, What’s Good? We thought that the two parties had come to an agreement on a stimulus plan as the GOP publicized a bill that would give up to $1,200 to citizens. Democrats, however, weren’t sold because they felt big corporations were protected too much and workers, not enough. 60 votes are needed to pass the bill in the Senate. With 5 Republican senators in quarantine, at least 12 Democrats would’ve needed to support the bill before it went back for a vote in the House. That obviously didn't happen, so the two parties will continue to work on a plan that hopefully works for both sides. Until then, watch your coins closely and take advantage of these low stock prices if it makes sense for you.

Oh yeah, 5 Senators are being accused of selling off stocks before the market crashed in an effort to save money that was sure to be lost once the ‘Rona shit hit the fan. Naturally, folks are calling for ethics investigations. Also, before you get to assuming (it wasn’t just us, was it?), there was one Democrat in the mix: Senator Diane Feinstein of California.

2020 Watch

Girl, bye. Tulsi is gone...finally.

Bernie is still in the race after yet another disappointing primary Tuesday. Joe Biden has 1,201 delegates to his 896. The first to reach 1,991 is the official nominee.

More states have shifted their primary dates.

Around the Diaspora

OkayAfrica has released its list of the 100 African women who in 2020 are setting the groundwork for a bright future for the Motherland. Get into this inspiration.

Chad owes Angola $100 million and plans to pay them back in cattle. Sounds wild, but it’s a win-win for both countries.

Protesters in Guinea are filling the streets against President Alpha Conde. They say their president is trying to introduce constitutional amendments to extend his time in office. He says he’s only trying to make critical changes, like outlawing female genital mutilation.

Culture that Pops

Were you able to get into Club Quarantine this weekend? Everybody from Drake to Steph Curry to Michelle Obama was in there. Mark Zuckerberg even bought out the bar. Where was it? On DJ D-Nice’s IG Live, of course. Don’t miss the next one.

The Wilsons and the Currys have committed to combatting hunger in Seattle and Oakland respectively.

Can’t find any more Purell or Lysol? Here are some Black-owned brands that can supply your need for hand sanitizer or cleaning supplies.


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