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HBCUs Held Hostage

The Road to Impeachment

Looks like your president done messed around and found himself in the middle of an impeachment inquiry. It only took 2.5 years. Trump’s “innocent” request for a favor from the Ukrainian president to investigate Joe Biden has turned all the way against him. He, of course, thinks this is yet another part of the witch hunt that Democrats have been pursuing since 2016. Dems think getting him outta here will take no time.The GOP considers the details around the call a “nothing burger.” Clearly, this is yet another partisan issue that will only widen the divide in Congress. If you know how impeachment works, you already know that a lot more drama will need to be uncovered to see 45 moving out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue any time soon.

Also, the phrase “Ghetto until proven fashionable” has officially made its way to Capitol Hill. Meet the 5 white congresswomen (and self-proclaimed “Badasses”) that CNN praised as the ones to take a radical stand for impeachment. Thankfully Black Twitter and its allies let them know real quick that Auntie Maxine and The Squad deserve that shine.

How the Senate Failed our HBCUs

We mentioned previously that the House voted to grant $85 million in STEM funding for the nation’s HBCUs, but that Senate Republicans were not likely to pass the bill. Turns out, all it took was one Republican Senator to block the funding (we’re side eying you, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee) and the funding is set to expire today, September 30. Lamar’s reason for blocking the legislation was that he felt it’d be better suited within a larger education bill, which is already 10 years overdue. With the deadline upon us, Alexander claims the Department of Education still has funding to support HBCUs. Still it’s unclear what’ll happen next.

In light of all of this, we can help. Yes, that means all of you HBCU alum, HBCU alum wannabes, & those of you who think Dwayne and Whitley are one of the best TV couples of all time can make an impact. You can donate to a university directly or through organizations like the Tom Joyner Foundation. Recess Again

After taking the WHOLE month of August off, Congress is going on another 2-week recess for the first half of October. The following will allegedly still be on the House’s agenda this week, although we all know how much work gets done when you’re on your way on vacation:

1.Considering a candidate’s personal expenses as authorized campaign expenditures

2020 Watch

Here’s how pursuing impeachment impacts not only the 2020 presidential election, but also next year’s elections for the House and Senate.

Cousin Cory’s push for $1.7 million is 96% complete. Will he make the additional $67K by the end of today? Also, he's on his way to qualifying for the November debate.

Biden’s support in South Carolina is skrong.

Is sexism the motivating factor for why some Bernie Bros refuse to support Elizabeth Warren? This strategist thinks so.

Around the Diaspora

Barbados’ PM Mia Mottley warns that the Caribbean and many other small island nations around the world will not withstand climate change if the current forecasts materialize.

Sudan’s new prime minister asks the UN to remove the country from the list of states that sponsor terrorism. Granting his request would remove sanctions & give them a fairer chance of economic revival.

Will history repeat itself in Egypt? Less than 10 years after the Arab Spring, civilians are taking the streets again to protest President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi.

Culture that Pops

Drake is donating some money to help conserve the Amazon Rainforest.

Meet the Harlem barber that didn’t let gentrification get him down. When he was priced out of his storefront, he put his business on wheels.

Artist Kehinde Wiley’s creativity is a continuous manifestation of our wildest dreams. Last week, he unveiled a reimagined confederate statue in Times Square, complete with a Black man with braids and a hoodie.

NYC’s Small Business Commissioner Gregg Bishop talks about the challenges many of our businesses face and announces the launch of Black Entrepreneurs NYC (BENYC) with The Breakfast Club. The program aims to support Black small business owners and increase the number of Black businesses in the city.


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