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Happy Almost BeyDay

RocNation + NFL Details Emerge

Did y'all already forget about the uproar over Jay-Z’s partnership with the NFL? We hope not because some initial details on the partnership have been released for us to actually decide whether to be enraged or not. First, the deal will produce a clothing line from which proceeds will fund Inspire Change, a platform dedicated to economic empowerment, community relations with the police, and criminal justice reform. There will also be a musical initiative in which select artists’ songs will be played across all league promotions for a month and released on streaming platforms. Proceeds from these songs will also go back into the Inspire Change pot. Meek Mill, Rapsody, and Meghan Trainor are the first artists to take part in the program. So now that we know the deets, is Jay still a sell out or is the family done feuding?

Tariffs on the Way

45 and China’s trade war heats up as some of the tariffs went into effect on September 1 and while you’ll hear Trump say China will pay, the cost will actually be passed down to consumers. Starting now, we can expect higher prices on everyday items imported from China like clothing, toys, and household appliances. You’ll also likely start seeing higher prices on laptops and cell phones around mid-December, so you’d be smart to do any big holiday shopping early. Estimates suggest the war will cost the average household a stack (that’s $1000, for the aunties) annually.

Congress, We’re Waiting on You

After their August recess, Congress will be back on September 9. Their first order of business for the House Judiciary Committee? Gun control. The Senate is also expected to take a serious look at gun control measures themselves, but knowing Money Making Mitch (McConnell), it’s a toss up as to whether anything will finally be done to address the gun concern.

2020 Tings

Kamala Harris has secured the support of the Freaknik constituency after receiving an endorsement from Uncle Luke.

The September 12 Democratic debate is locked in. Peep which candidates made the cut.

We focus a lot on the presidential election, but the 2020 congressional elections are just as important, if not more. Here’s why.

Around the Diaspora

Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas with force. If you’d like to help the nation rebuild, here’s a suggestion.

Brazil’s Trump clone of a president kinda decides to do something about those Amazon wildfires.

Gambia is out here working on its transparency by broadcasting their "Truth and Reconciliation" commission, aimed at exposing the violent practices of their former president and his team of hit men, on YouTube.

Culture that Pops

High school students who graduate from Birmingham, Alabama schools will receive free tuition from the state’s 2- and 4-year colleges.

Meek is free, but his work is not done. Also, his tour companion Future is giving out $2000 scholarships to concert attendees.

The Black Girl Magic was strong at the U. S. Open. Top contender Naomi Osaka shared her post-victory interview with opponent Coco Gauff and honored Coco’s parents along the way.

Dave Chappelle is making headlines with his latest Netflix special, but did he go too far?


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