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Everybody's Talking Climate

‘Sup with Your President?

Trump is still conducting his dirty (or sus, at best) business from the Oval Office. This time, news leaked that he asked a Ukrainian official to investigate Joe Biden and his son—normally an impeachable offense. Also, he’s suing, again, to prevent his tax returns from being released. Plus, he’s petitioning the Supreme Court for permission to fire the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a move that a POTUS does not traditionally have the power to do. The audacity for this to all be done within the last week. LOL

And those Climate Change Protests?

Young people across the globe (literally on all seven continents, even Antarctica) joined forces last Friday to voice their concern as climate change continues to threaten our planet. They’re asking for us to reduce our carbon footprint across the globe in the next 10 years. The UN and some of the world’s top leaders are heeding the call in a meeting they already had scheduled for today, but 45 is skipping out on the meeting in the most obnoxious and petty way.

One City’s Gun Violence Solution

Often known for its violent reputation, Richmond, California is now celebrating because they‘ve cut their gun violence in half from 2010-2016. How did they do it? By providing job training, therapy, substance abuse treatment, and a monthly stipend of $1,000 to young men if they committed to putting down the guns. In other words, they actually treated the young Black men in their program like human beings that were in need of help rather than brutal criminals. Shout out to Richmond for their accomplishment. If they can do it, why can’t everyone else?

Congress, What’s the Move?

Last week, the House voted to extend funding to support HBCUs, but will the Senate do the same? Forecasts say issa no. Also, MAGA’s favorite Black representative Candace Owens spoke about why she doesn’t believe white supremacy is an issue for minorities. Yep.

Coming up this week: medical screening at the border, ensuring safe sleep for da babies , and keeping the water in South Florida clean for your next Memorial Day weekend trip to Miami.

2020 Watch

The latest post-debate polling numbers are still suggesting “Party done!” for Cousin Kamala, but she’s not giving up yet.

Cousin Cory is asking for your help.

After securing key endorsements from some Congressional Black Caucus members, Joe Biden is feeling himself.

You know it’s time to quit when your own city don’t support you. Bill de Blasio drops out of the race.

A judge agreed with Trump and threw out the California law that aimed to prevent him from being on the primary ballot if he didn’t release his tax returns. The state has yet to decide if it will appeal.

Around the Diaspora

Have you heard about the Great Green Wall that African nations from the west to the east coasts of the continent are jointly creating? The 3000+ mile wall will be a border of trees to help stop the spread of the Sahara desert.

Gabon will receive up to $150 million from Norway for preserving its rain forests. Roughly 90% of the West African nation is covered in rain forests.

Whooping your kids is now unconstitutional in South Africa.

Culture that Pops

Jharrel Jerome and Billy Porter snagged major wins at last night’s Emmy awards, but it looks like the show still has some work to do when it comes to recognizing people of color.

Calling all doctors: Cornell’s medical school will give free tuition to med students who qualify for financial aid.

Better get your subscription game up to catch The Boondocks’ return. We’ll be able to see 24 new episodes and a 55-minute special featuring Huey, Riley, Grandpa & Uncle Ruckus on HBO Max next fall.


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