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Everybody Hates Kamala

Impeachment is a Messy Business

Things are still escalating in The Donald’s impeachment inquiry. Testimonies are going public, 45 & the GOP are playing defense, and the Ukraine doesn’t deny receiving pressure from Trump for investigations in exchange for predetermined military funds. This may not be as scandalous as the last impeachment inquiry, but it will likely be a very complicated web when it's all said and done.

Baby Blue Waves

Last week’s state and local elections reflected a somewhat of blue wave, leaving many to wonder if this is an early indicator of success for Democrats in next year’s elections. Republicans didn’t go down without a fight though. Here are a couple standouts from across the board:

  • Virginia is now a solidly Democratic state. The state’s House and Senate both went blue.

  • The cyclists who lost her job in 2017 for famously giving 45 the finger won a local office in Virginia.

  • Kentucky gets its first Black Attorney General. He’s a Republican.

  • Mississippi is still Mississippi.

Congress, What’s Good?

The House will be taking a look at protecting the GI Bill, giving entrepreneurship training to Veterans, and more. They’ll also be holding a committee hearing on bail in state and federal courts.

The Senate will focus their efforts on the e-cig crisis with the youth.

2020 Watch

Are Black voters so homophobic to the point where they cannot support Pete Buttigieg?

Somebody’s president wants to celebrate National American History and Founders Month in November alongside the pre-existing Native American Heritage Month. You. You are somebody.

In an effort to give working parents a hand, Kamala Harris suggested grants to create afterschool activities for kids from 3pm to 6pm. Why is this making folks so upset?

One of Tom Steyer’s staffers has some serious sticky fingers. He was caught stealing Team Kamala’s data and using it to solicit political endorsements. Guess not everyone thinks Kamala’s work is trash.

Former NYC Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg (aka “El Bloombito”) is considering entering the Democratic primary race.

Around the Diaspora

Southern Africa is experiencing an extreme drought that’s putting economies, wildlife, and 50 million people at risk. The impact of this highlights concerns felt across the world, even in Belize.

This Cameroonian filmmaker wants to decolonize African film and show African women in a different light.

That’s what’s up, Jamaica. The island vows to redirect incarcerated citizens with non-violent offenses to treatment facilities for the mentally ill.

Ghana has its first Golden Globes entry.

Culture that Pops

Literally everybody has something to say about T.I.’s creepy ass, invasive ass patriarchy.

Speaking of creepy, the holiday classic “Baby It’s Cold Outside” has been called out recently for lyrics that appear to take away the woman’s right to consent. John Legend & Kelly Clarkson have teamed up on a new version. The cherry on top? It was co-written by every Insecure fan’s imaginary homegirl Kelly (aka Natasha Rothwell in real life).

So many were yelling “Free A$AP” a couple months ago, but he’s going back to Sweden to perform soon. Is this a necessary political statement?


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