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Don't Drink the Clorox

Don’t Drink the Clorox

Hopefully you weren’t one of those foolish people out there actually ingesting disinfectant because Donald Trump said so. Here’s a list of other things we should not be listening to:

Have you figured out the common theme amongst all of the above yet?

A Non-Profit & Tech Company had a Baby

...during the times of ‘Rona and named it Project 100. Started by Give Directly and Propel, Project 100 aims to give $1000 to 100K low income families across the country because they realize that a $1,200 check from the government wasn’t cutting it. Stacey Abrams, Andrew Yang, Google, and Rihanna are among the backers of this initiative. While their current goal is $100M, unfortunately it isn’t enough to help everyone in need of assistance. As such, users of Propel’s Fresh EBT app will be granted the money at random. If you want to be part of this movement by donating, you can do so with Give Directly.


Unemployment claims are now up to 26 million after an additional 4 million people filed this week. Some economists say the peak might be behind us as the number of weekly claims seems to be decreasing and as social distancing measures continue to get the virus under control.

Congress, What’s Good? They may be trying to wait out the pandemic from their homes, but Congress is still working. Last week, the Senate and the House passed the fourth Coronavirus-related bill and Trump signed it into law on Friday. This $484B legislation is more help for small businesses after a loophole in the CARES Act gave public companies (like Shake Shake and Ruth Chris) access to funding that was really meant for folks like hair salon owners and landscapers. Hospitals and testing efforts also stand to benefit from this new bill.

Oh yeah. Stories of us getting a second stimulus check are just that for now. Many of those rumors are based on this proposal, which has not been voted on yet.

2020 Watch

Stacey Abrams is making her rounds and letting it be known that she’s a viable VP pick for Joe Biden. Should she be campaigning for that spot or should Biden be courting her?

Joe Biden has been silent on more than just his running mate. He’s maintained a relatively low profile since Bernie dropped and since the pandemic arrived. It might be buying him a one-way ticket to the White House.

Trump’s handling of the Coronavirus may impact his performance in swing states this November. May he keep on keeping on.

In the world of critical Senate races, meet the 3 Democratic challengers who want to replace Mitch McConnell in November. One of them is a Black progressive who wants to enact Medicare for All and implement universal basic income.

Around the Diaspora

East Africa is figuring out how to battle their locust invasion amid the Coronavirus.

Lagos makes wearing masks mandatory.

Haiti receives an influx of deportees from the U.S. despite fears that they may fuel the spread of the pandemic within the country.

Culture that Pops

Black appointees from the Obama administration are offering their knowledge and expertise to Black political science graduates in a new program called Call + Response.

The founder of TDE commits to paying rent for the elderly living in the Watts public housing community he grew up in.

Always repping The Town, Marshawn Lynch celebrated his 34th birthday by giving out masks in Oakland.

Beyonce and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey partner to donate $6M for mental wellness services. The contribution is intended for Black and brown essential workers in Houston, New Orleans, Detroit, and New York City.


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